Developers’ Q&A, November 6

Content of the article: "Developers’ Q&A, November 6"

We invite you to check out the selection of the latest questions and the answers to them (the spelling of the authors of the questions has been preserved).

Question: When will the price corridors be disabled for players with 2-step authorization? They are very frustrating.

Answer: Hello, price corridors and two-step authorization have different goals. The first mechanic was created for protection against transactions that violate the terms of use, and the second to protect the account. We continue to work on certain problematic points that you are reporting to us. We do not plan to disable the price corridors.

Question: why can't you turn off the “ping” sound from homing rockets in the settings? And leave the visual indicator at the same time.

Answer: Hello, we will think about implementing the following setting.

Question: Good evening! Will there be a PS points increase for weapons like “porcupine”? Scorpion, for example, has 3600 PS. And he is automatically excluded from the game for ~ 5 thousand PS. Whereas you can go to such a level with a “porcupine”.

Answer: Hello! The amount of PS depends not only on the rarity, but also, for example, on the energy consumption of a certain part. Scorpion requires 2 times more energy, therefore his PS level is 2 times more.

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Question: About “Argus”: will the active time of the drone that shoots down the rockets be increased? The reality is that the drone shots down the first rocket barrage. The enemy immediately fires another barrage. Rockets penetrate armor and the build is being quickly destroyed. Even the heavily armored one.

Answer: Hello, we will consider the necessity to introduce the changes for Argus.

Question: Hello! The game has a conventional class of the “tank” cabins (Carapace and Karakurt). Should we expect their “legendary” continuation?

Answer: Hello, there are no plans to continue this class of cabins in the near future.

Question: Hello dear developers! I have been playing a hybrid for quite some time and many players would really like to use the old Viper and Hiderigami customization kits. I remember there was a special offer for a Harvester CK, but I did not have time to buy it… Do you plan to add the old CKs to the store?

Answer: Hello, the return of the customization kits is not possible at the moment due to a number of issues on PC and PS4. We are currently working on the solution and would like to return the possibility of purchasing the CKs into the game.

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Question: Hello, I have a question about the garage, will the “graffiti” be implemented for building blocks in the garage (like the stickers for the car).

Answer: Hello, we have plans to add various elements for the decoration mode, we will definitely discuss the possibility of implementing the special stickers.

Question: Why can't fences and other decorations be placed closely to each other?

Answer: Hello! Yes, now some of the objects can’t be placed closely to each other. We plan to improve their models and you’ll be able to do that.

Question: Hello, are you planning to add the ability to remove a fuse upgrade from the fused parts (for example, in order to sell them later)?

Answer: Hello, such features are not included in our plans.

Question: Maybe it is worth adjusting the medium wheels to the same size? The new medium epic wheels don't fit in place of the old ones.

Answer: Hello, we have plans to change the physical model of the “Hermit” wheels.

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