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We invite you to check out the selection of the latest questions and the answers to them (the spelling of the authors of the questions has been preserved).

Question: Will we still get a recipe for crafting Nova (and other legendary cabins) in the future, as well as leveling up the Founders faction?

Designer’s answer: We would like to preserve exclusivity for seasonal rewards. Currently, we have no plans to bring the recipes back. The Founders faction will be further developed, but we are not yet ready to say how exactly.

Question: Don't you think that when introducing the sale of Battle pass levels, you need to make restrictions so that the players who donate cannot level up the season faster than casual players? Otherwise, it turns out that some players already have OP “Nests” and a new cabin, although the majority of the players who complete all tasks without skipping any are still at level 20? This is some kind of pay to win?

Designer’s answer: Players who purchase the battle pass levels are basically getting early access to the content. At the same time, the same early access provides the free market, where players are free to purchase the weapon, module, or cabin of interest to them from those who have already received the blueprint of this part in the battle pass.

Question: hello. Will the parameters of the Nest rockets be changed? not only do they have high damage, but it is almost impossible to defend yourself, you cannot hide, they do not have any “blind spots”, and so on. A vehicle with these rockets, being close to the enemy, releases them upward and in a second they all hit the target, which is very close and destroy the enemy. Will this problem be somehow solved? Thank you.

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Designer’s answer: The usability of this weapon will be tweaked – it will be necessary to track the attacked target for a longer time, the delay before the explosion will also be increased. The graphic effects of this weapon will be improved as well, to encourage players to cover each other by shooting down the rockets. We would not want to change this weapon just by changing the parameters – damage or rate of fire.

Question: When will you change the model for the Crushers (2 barrels instead of 4)? You did not forget about it, right?)

Designer’s answer: This is still planned, but currently the models for the new parts are a priority.

Question: When I use the sell or trade functions on the market I have a message at the bottom that trade is blocked and in order to be able to trade it is required to connect two-step authorization. Why are we forced to connect it? This authorization is a voluntary matter, it should be of a recommendatory nature, not an order one with the blocking of trading. As a result, I stopped playing the game, since the trading function is blocked for me. My friend has the same message, but it says that “it is recommended to enable this authorization” and trading functions work for him. Why was my trading function blocked on the market?

Designer’s answer: We introduced this rule mainly to protect players' high-value items in case of account theft. Market blocking settings are not final yet, we are monitoring the situation.

Question: Why can't you put a wall over a wall in range building? (a broken wall, for example, on top of the same one) And why was the place with the training targets was chosen for the range building? You can either keep the shooting range or build the place up with non-shootable objects. Compared to the designated area, the rest of the garage has huge empty spaces. I would like to put the bowling ball and pins in one place, for example, and carousels and attractions in another. And the shooting range in the third location. Please add more building areas in the garage.

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Designer’s answer: Installation of objects on blocks is planned in future updates. Wall-to-wall installation is limited, decorations can only be placed on the ground. The special walls that are stacked on top of each other may appear in future updates.

This location was chosen because it is the player's training ground, conveniently located right at the exit from the garage. Possibilities for testing an armored vehicle (including the shooting range) are now expanded, you can install both training vehicles with distance marks and other interactive targets.

Additional building areas are not planned right now. The mechanics itself will be developed in future updates.

Question: When will the relic blasters and autocannons arrive?

Designer’s answer: There are plans for a single-shot shotgun and a new cannon that has no analogs in the game.

Question: Do you plan to introduce structural parts with resistance to energy weapons and fire damage (like the ones with resistance to bullets and explosive damage)? Otherwise, there is no way to hide from the parts overheating.

Designer’s answer: We are planning a small rework of the in-game constructor and for the parts’ interaction. It is possible that some parts will receive resistance to certain types of damage.

Question: When will you add a feature of reconnecting to a battle in case of a connection failure?

Designer’s answer: First, we must carefully consider the need for this mechanic, because the game cycle usually lasts for 3-5 minutes. During this time, players can miss important game stages and, as a result, receive fewer rewards.

Question: When will the search for a build by the author's nickname at the exhibition be implemented?


Designer’s answer: There are plans for this feature as a part of the exhibition update.


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