Developers’ Q&A, September 30

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Let us share with you the digest of your questions and our answers!

Question: There are several types of weapons in the game where the shooting mechanics are indicated by the perk. At the same time, some weapons have a senior grade with a perk, as well as special analogs with perks within their grade (“Clarinet” without a perk – “Flute” with a perk. “Quasar” without a perk – “Pulsar” with a perk). Many players are wondering: “Why did it happen?” and “should we expect the perks for these types of weapons?”.

Answer: Hello! The fact that a weapon has a specific perk does not always depend on whether similar weapons of the previous or older rarity have it as well. Such unique features are often introduced to diversify the gameplay with a particular part, or to balance it with unique mechanics and with player’s skill. It is possible that a number of weapons may receive changes to their perks or have their own perks in the future (as was the case with the “Quasar”).

Question: Hello. Are you going to continue working on installing the chassis (Hovers) on all sides of the craft?

Answer: Hello, no, it was decided to abandon the plans for this kind of mechanic.

Question: Developers, why does the voice chat in battle work on PS4 and XBOX?

Answer: Hello, consoles have their own voice chat system and it does not depend on us.

Question: Hello. Do you plan to introduce the function of putting a pin code on the item? That is, if you want to disassemble, sell or upgrade a part, you will need to enter a 4-digit password. This feature will help to completely get rid of account hackers


Answer: Hello, if you want to increase your account’s protection, we recommend you to enable two-step authentication. It will be much more effective than setting passwords for specific things.

Question: Are there any plans to add filters and purchase history search in the market?

Answer: Hello! We've discussed these kinds of filters earlier. It is quite possible that we will return to this matter when the work on improving the market interface will be continued.

Question: Is the effectiveness of weapons in clan battles mode taken into account, when deciding whether to “nerf” or “up” a specific weapon?

Answer: Hello, we are monitoring statistics for various modes, including clan battles, when such changes are planned to be implemented.

Question: Hello developers, are you planning any changes for the hovers? To be honest, I'm already tired of flying on the heavy builds, and the speed leaves much to be desired.

Answer: Hello! Yes, we have previously discussed that we are planning to return to this matter after all the planned changes to the “wedges” are implemented. We remind you that we are now working on the implementation of the mechanics of inflicting damage on the chassis of the “wedge” – vehicles.

Question: After the truck leaves (note: “Six Frags” truck in the garages), will you return the maps to the state in which people have purchased them?

Answer: Hello! It is planned that Caligari and his truck will leave the survivors' garages when the season ends.

Question: Hello. At the moment, survivors use headlights on cars only for decorative purposes: to blink headlights to an ally, or just for aesthetic pleasure. But there are areas with shadow, gloomy areas on the game maps. Will there be a further development in the direction of lighting? So that the headlights will not only be the flashing lights, but so they could also illuminate the path of the survivor in the darkness or night)


Answer: Hello! We perfectly understand your suggestion:) Unfortunately, the difficulties in implementation are directly related to some technical limitations that exist at the moment. We worked in this direction, and we can return to it when the opportunity arises.

Question: Hello, why was it necessary to remove the icons of parts resists, how does the player now know if a particular part has a resist or if it can be shot through? We had parts that could be shot 90% through, but also 25% through (For example, “Powerslide” and “Vial”), what is going on with them now?

Answer: Hello! This is a bug that has been fixed. Now all resists are displayed correctly in the parts parameters. We do not plan to stop displaying such important features.


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