Don’ts when playing Hard Raids

I have been playing a lot of hard raids recently and i have made a few observations and i wanted to share them together with what to do and not to. Some of these Observations might have been made before and mentioned on other posts. but i don't think it hurts to remind eachother once in a while so it can become a better experience for all of us.


  • Don't drive off on your own.
    I have seen it a lot where people just drive off their own and die, its both frustrating for the player and teammates. The player loses a life and the team is missing a member. Remember to play like a team. (people of use the "Regroup here" ping as a way of saying "Stick together" since we don't have that on crossout)
  • Don't use Canons and rockets.
    I know they are extremely fun to use, i used to do it myself of raids. But they are simply not very effective. If anything stick to machine guns, high DPS helps you pick off enemies weapons faster and you don't need to pick up ammo.
  • Don't focus on getting kills.
    In raids kills doesn't matter unless objective is to kill the remaining enemies. Instead focus on shooting weapons off the enemies. If they don't have weapons they aren't much of a thread and when there is no more weapons on the enemy, move on the next enemy. Overall this saves you and your teammates from a lot of damage done to your vehicles.
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Things to remember.

  • varying difficulty in the gamemodes.
    Some gamemodes in raids is harder than others. The one i have seen player struggle the most with on hard is Steel Craddle. In this gamemode there is often A lot of dying and everything is on a timelimit and if objectives aren't done quick enough, the leviathan will have so much health that most people just give up. this can be very frustrating for the rest of the team. Because the difficulty of the AI i determined by the combined powerscore of the players and if 1 or 2 players are suddenly missing it can become near impossible to win.
    If you aren't willing to/can't afford to die a lot then i recommend waiting for the rotation or
  • Come prepared.
    I recommend crafting some Repair kits, its 90 copper and 300 scrap metal for 5 of them. I usually save some of my scrap metal from PVP matches just for this and the copper is very cheap, so you can just buy 100 from the market for like 2-3 coins. This gives you a total of 7 lives without having to pay 2-3 coins per repair kit mid game. It saves you a lot of coins.

If there is anything else there is good to remember please write a comment. I am always looking to improve my own gameplay and make the raids are more enjoyable time for my myself and teammates.


Good day to everyone.


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