Fixing Seal-Clubbing Idea

What is 'seal clubbing'?

When an individual who is highly skilled at a task, competes with other people who are relatively new/unskilled at said task. Often used in multiplayer video games. -Urban Dictionary

When specifically used in Crossout, it is referring to someone who brings a few high-level pieces, rather than many low-mid level pieces (as is usual). This would include bringing a basic car but with a very powerful weapon, or (as is popular), putting the napalm mine-thrower 'Porcupine' between two tracks on a narrow build to make it very hard for other players to fight.

While a completely reasonable (and encouraged, by the devs lol) use of systems in-game, this topic is quite polarizing but is generally (on Reddit, at least) quite frowned-upon, as it is effectively users maximizing the Power Score system to play unfairly against weaker opponents. While one would expect it to be a 'glass cannon' situation, that is not always the case due to the the high-health movement parts of Tracks and Augers.

This also very frequently includes the 'Growl' cabin, which offers the second-most energy in the game, while only being a Rare cabin (and thus having around half the comparative PS). Coupling it with a low-tier Generator easily allows users to operate up to 12e (thus its suggested use by low levels), though 11e is normally more than enough for seal-clubbing, which normally seems to use only around 6-8e.

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Right, so I will admit that I haven't looked up if this idea has been suggested before or if there were other, more-accepted options, but I was thinking a rather simple-to-implement and -justify system would be 'tier-locking' vehicle components; by not allowing any parts past two tiers above the vehicle's rarity/tier (in PvP only, Raids are a non-issue imo), I think the above problems could be limited.

To clarify further;

  • Cabin rarity/tier/colour would determine what other (weapon/hardware/movement) pieces you could use.
  • All Structure/Frame parts (which are 'base' rarity) would be allowed on all vehicles.
  • Décor and Customization (paints, stickers, CKs) would remain unaffected due to their cosmetic use.

This would mean the following restrictions for the corresponding vehicle tiers;

  • Base (Guerilla only); Base (Hornet), Common (Chord/Avenger/Lupara) and Rare components only.
    • I feel like this especially works well, as I think it would help prevent newbies from immediately trying to obtain higher pieces/packs and slap them on their build before considering PS.
  • Common ('white' cabins like the Huntsman); Base, Common, Rare, Special (light-blue/cyan)
  • Rare; Base, Common, Rare, Special, Epic.
    • This limits the seal-clubbing opportunities by the Growl to Kings and likewise.
    • What a glorious tier this is to reach too, due to the wide range of new weapons and movement options available. I think this especially pairs well with my earlier advice of Growl + 4x Tackler ASAP to help with progression.
  • Special; Base – Legendary
    • I will admit that this is a little redundant as I see very few people run Special cabins anyway. But hey, if you buy a pack and want to spend all your coins on a juicy Legendary, you can still use it.
  • Epic+; Base – Relic (all)
    • I think this is completely reasonable; to get the most value out of your weapons and modules, you'd likely want to run a Cabin with a Perk anyway, so there seems to be little value in running Special or below unless you're seal-clubbing.
    • Additionally, my (limited) experience has seemed to indicate that even with a single Relic or Legendary weapon, running an Epic is again preferable to running a lower-tier cabin, to maximize your capabilities with your new toy.
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Thoughts? I feel like this would be a pretty concise and easy way to limit seal-clubbing, improve the feel of progression and help limit new player analysis-paralysis.


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