For the Newbies Who Are Interested in Using Drones, and for the Salty Ones to Find Love for Something New in Something Old. 7-8k Build

My Personal Build I call The Snaggletooth (META Carrier ST on the Exhibition)

If you're a hater of drones because you feel they take no skill…you're kinda right…but that also means you're kinda wrong. If you hate them because you spend more time out of battle recharging them than you do in battle getting dirty, well, then you're doing it wrong.

Below is the build I've designed and use about 90% of the time, along with how I use it and, in using this rig the way I've designed it, you should have more fun than you've had in a long time.

Covered in Passive Melee at the forefront, left and right sides with either Bulldog or Perseus as Co-Drivers. Bulldog helps you while in the thick of it, and Perseus helps you while at range.

If you’re reading this, chances are you haven’t sat in the Snaggletooth’s driver seat just yet. So, have yourself a treat and load up the game, set your exhibition filter to All Time and find it under the name META Carrier ST.

Note: It may be tempting to use the Booms 1st. DON’T USE THE BOOMS 1ST! Rushing into the fight to use them 1st will get the Snaggletooth pounded hard. She has a lot of armor and, at the best of times, up to 30% resistance to all damage, so, that being said, she WILL take a pounding and it won’t be a quick death, yet, death you will find. Avoid this temptation at all costs and you will survive!

Welcome aboard the Snaggletooth! Affectionately named after Hannah-Barbara’s cartoon character of the 70’s and 80’s, famous for the catch phrase, “Exit, stage left!” For the younger ones reading this, that basically means “Yikes, I’m outta here!”

She has been painstakingly designed through harsh battle conditions to hold up under most stresses found out in the wasteland. But, like all cats, keep her vulnerable belly protected and on the ground or risk having your guts flung in every direction. Carefully weighted, balanced and outfitted with a wide wheel-base, she is capable of withstanding being flipped by most except seasoned veteran players. With a rugged bumper, coupled with the low-mounted Booms, any head-on collision is bound to end (mostly) in your favor, specially against a WEDGE or DOG build. Get your timing down and drop your ground Drones just before impact to initiate the cabins perk ability for added engine power leading to increased collision damage beyond what the booms do, on top of that, dropping the drones will activate the resistance perk leading to a higher chance of survival and vehicle longevity during impact. Dropping them too soon may cause the drones to target enemies other than your intended target.

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Additionally, you will notice that each Drone has been set with its own Trigger. Built mainly for support, the Snaggletooth is most effective at backing up multiple teammates at once by utilizing each Drone to its utmost potential. When it comes to dropping all your drones into a battle at once, well, that is messy as they randomly target what ever is closest and, when a large group of visible drones is zooming around (switching targets to whom ever is closest at the time), it’s easy for them to be picked off. Bunched up, they can be plowed through in one swoop…useless! When you drop a single drone next to a teammate, and drive off to the next closest target, it will provide the proper cover-fire without being noticed. I say Next Closest Target deliberately as if you dive too far away, the sidekick will recall and pull off from its cover fire.

Primary Mission: Drone Support Carrier

Scenario: Full Ordinance Payload

Tactic: Bring up the rear of the team. Establish path for clear movement behind the frontline. During engagement, deploy 1 Sidekick behind 2 different teammates and fall back within range so that Sidekicks do not retreat from covering positions. If the enemy is close enough, then, deploy Hawk (otherwise save). Activate Chameleon and patrol behind front line (if capping a base, activating the Chameleon will stop your capping progress, so be mindful of that). Remember to feather the accelerator while Sidekicks are deployed, as the cabin provides a boost to your engine power when they are in use. If you are a lead-footed driver then you will cause the Sidekicks to retreat as you speed away.

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In the event your team becomes separated and you must move to a new location, if your drones are deployed while in transit, chances are they will destruct before or when you reach your new destination. To ensure you have ordinance for the new battle-site, self-destruct at least 1 Sidekick, or Hawk before moving out to the new location. Your drive time will allow the Drone to recharge and you should be good to deploy upon arrival.

Secondary Mission: Melee Defense and Explosive Demolitions

Scenario: Ordinance Payload Depleted

Tactic: Block and Tackle. Establish a point-runner (find someone with a WEDGE, DOG, SIDEWINDER, etc. and us them as bait). Wait for enemy to appear on scope and engage Chameleon if possible. If the Chameleon has been destroyed, then, hang behind point-runner to either flank. Use the spike-covered Snaggletooth to Block any enemy that is fleeing from point-runner, or, use the booms to Tackle any enemy the point-runner has pinned/flipped.

Tertiary Mission: Melee Offense

Scenario: Ordinance Not a Factor

Tactic: Chase and Disable. Do I need to explain this one? It's fast, it's faster when not weighted down, and it's covered in spikes. Pit Maneuvers work best, specially if you happened to have saved those booms.

Cabin: The Call (Natural Perk of +50% Power per Drone Deployed with Fused Perk of +20% Power)

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Two Sidekicks (Fused)

One Hawk (Fused)

Two Booms (Fused)

Four Shiv Steering Tires (Fused with -15% Power Penalty)

Two Shiv Tires (Fused with -15% Power Penatly)

Optional Weapons for Daily Missions: Remove the 2 Booms and replace with 1 side-mounted Goblin Shotgun, or 1 fore-mounted LM Cord Machinegun, or 1 top-mounted WASP Rocket Launcher. Remove 2 Booms and Hawk and Chameleon to replace with Hulk Turret Cannon. The Cannon can be mounted where the Hawk usually goes. Adding artillery and sidearms requires a free trigger and I assign the Trigger to the #1 button, rather than a mouse button or Shift Key. They are mounted strictly for Mission Credit, not Damage Credit.


Chameleon (Fused set to #2 Button)

Hot Red (Fused with Perk for Power)


Gas Tank

Gas Barrel

RD-2 Listener



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