Fuck both comfort zone and my Friday | Entry for the contest courtesy of u/Cornchips1234

Who is she: Molly

Her vehicle: NanoDreamCatcher

From a psychological point of view, Molly is an eloquent example of how someone can radically transform and become someone else.. or something else. All because of the chaotic and lawless place the world has become after the Crossout. She is now a walking paradox, her bright past obscured by poverty contrasting with her actual shady status backed up by so much connections and power.

But let's talk a bit of how things were before that: she was just graduating in nano-robotics, among the brightest students. At that time she was just a shy girl with a modest condition, what most would call a nerd; she was just studying all day and listening to music. Oh yeah, she was mad about music, probably her only friend. And nobody would have guessed what she would become, nor the power or the status she would achieve.

A while after the catastrophe she continued studying and perfecting her nanobot prototypes, obviously being soon remarked by the Dawn's Children. She was recommended to join their ranks by almost all her colleagues who were now among their scientists, but none was so resourceful in nanobotics than Molly. Forced by circumstance, she specialized in medical nanobots, trying to counter both the effects of Crossout and the regular human diseases.

A few years passed like nothing, every day the same in the artificial lit laboratories of the Dawn's Children, both home and workplace for her. She was now the head of a small but consistent team of scientists, progressing slowly but surely towards nanobot remedies!

But this was her daytime job. At night, when everybody left, she continued experimenting on her own, with a special "breed" of nanobots she created for herself – the Psybots, remote controlled, adaptive programming nanobots. She thought of them as a symbiotic parasite of the neuronal network, meant to help dealing with her depression and anxiety.

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But what changed her course more than the Crossout was probably her addiction to music. Why is that, you may wonder.. Basing her study mostly on pre-Crossout experiments, no wonder she soon attained similar effects to the results of the old world's experiments with substances – varying from mental health control to heavy tripping or hallucinations, depending on the Psybots routine program and settings. This is how she became both curious and frightened by those effects, and lately coming to uncover rare footages of the old world parties and how these effects were actually sought after by people enjoyng music for days.

After some more experimenting, she managed to develop some simplified Psybots, with predefined routine program, targeting specific actions. It was only a matter of time until she lowkey gathered enough resources to make the first standalone, contained colonies, destined for recreational use: the first Narcobots. The first synthetic doses of the New World.


Now an influent member of the Valley, well connected in all factions, of course she was invited to Caligari's afterparties, being the only supplier of Psybots. There she found out about Caligari's secret experiments and came to see the rumored Beholder Cabin, Ravager corrupted tech, and her future enhancement of nanotechnology.

Bless Caligari for showing her the Beholder and its synthetic inhabitant, which let her expand her field of knowledge to the point where she developed a symbiose program, benefiting both the machine and the human.



"Maybe it's the worst and final error of my life. Maybe I shouldn't do it. But there's no other way. I can't live with the thought of not trying it.. of not trying to take advantage of the only thing that can save me.. that can save humanking as we knew it for so long. The world is not the same anymore.. Why should we?"

With these final thoughts she set up the Beholder for the Ravager Foothold, looking in the mirror and knowing it is the last time she sees an entirely human person. She's now certain.

"This is the future. She will help the Ravagers. She will help humankind. Man and machine should become one. We are the gods now!!"

Notes on the NanoDreamCatcher:

This is her actual vehicle, still a base of Dawn's Children tech, but including parts from all factions, since in the post-apocalyptic world a very good way of trade is for parts, not money or useless values. Her clientele consisting of all types of shiesty people from all factions, hence her varied collection of vehicle parts.

Rumors about Molly:

– she is currently in a relationship with a much younger Raven member (actually ehr first relationship);

– she is on the way of attaining technical immortality through her nanobots and psybots, especially now since he is in symbiose with the Ravager hive mind;

– she is now leading a secret para-faction known as the Narcosekta, involved in producing and trading Narcobots. At the moment things are just put in motion and there are only a few members, mostly Lunatics, Firestarters and Ravens. And of course, a small part of the Laboratory team she is still leading during daytime at the Dawn's Children HQ

-originally she is a brunette, the white yellowish green-glowing hair might be an effect of the symbiose.

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OP NOTE: the <...> sections of the story are unfinished parts and the text probably has a lot of errors as i didn't take the right time to correct it. I am sorry for this, but i planned everything lazy as for the initial deadline. Today I noticed that tomorrow's the new deadline, so here you go, half finished job. The car also could be perfected more, but..

PS: thanks u/Cornchips1234 for expanding the world we all love so much and showing such implication. U a legend, bro.


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