Is Crossout Straying Too Far From Post-Apocalyptic Theme

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After playing for a bit, I feel that Crossout it slowly losing its identity of being Post-Apocalyptic, at least my understanding of it. When I think about it, I think of existing weapons/movement today, and improvising items together to make something work. We can also argue that Crossout is somewhere in the near future as well. Walker legs would get a pass. But hovers seem a bit sci-fi than post apocalyptic.

Great weapon examples are things like summator (industrial nail gun repurposed and designed to shoot rebar), Incinerator (shoots gas cans), Fortune and Porcs (repurposed items to deliver explosives), Phoenix (freaking crossbow with explosives), the list can go on. There aren't any great movement examples beyond augers. Those seem pretty sweet and I'd love to see a special rarity version of them.

But I feel the game is slowly creeping into hi-tech land with plasma weaponry in general. While founders gave us Summators, we also got assemblers and the zappy drone (i forget the name). The zappy drone is close, but assembler seems a bit hi-tech for post apocalyptic. Plasma weaponry in general just feels, well, not to fit the theme to put it simply. Now we have laser shotguns and a cab with an energy barrier added to future-tech grade items.


I dunno, but I feel like the game is beginning to lose its identity. I'd want more neat stuff like a catapult that hurls bowling balls, or some sort of launcher that works like a bolas with 2 large magnets on the end, forcing enemy vehicles to get their wheels gummed up or even attached to another enemy vehicle, forcing them to drive together for a period of time.


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