More engines and engine rework


as we all know, engines of special rarity besides hardcore are all completely useless due to a lack of a perk and an energy cost.

My proposed rework is to either give special engines slightly weaker perks than their epic counterparts or to completely remove the energy cost.

For adding in rare engines, they should not cost energy because they would be the first steps that a player would take for learning what engines to use, and to not scare them off with an energy cost.

NEW ENGINES These should be included in the next battle pass, as they would be relatively cheap, or they should be rewards for reaching certain levels of the 3 secondary factions.


light engine, faction: lunatics

tonnage+500kg mass limit+300kg

“ripsaw” speed plus 7% acceleration plus 7% energy cost: 0

medium engine, faction: nomads


tonnage+2250kg mass limit+0kg

speed+12% acceleration+12% energy cost:0

heavy engine, faction:scavengers


tonnage+0kg mass limit+1500kg

speed+2% acceleration+15%


light engine, faction: lunatics


tonnage+1750kg mass limit+1250kg

speed plus 17% acceleration plus 35% energy cost: 0 perk: does not count towards engine limit

medium engine, faction: nomads


tonnage+4000kg mass limit+1500kg

Speed plus 25% acceleration plus 50% energy cost: 1 perk: You will only lose your cloak effect if you take upwards of 75 damage during the period you are cloaked


heavy engine, faction: scavengers

“The menace”

tonnage+3000kg mass limit+3500kg

speed plus 10% acceleration plus 70% energy cost:1 perk: boosts reload speed by 15%, every 300 damage taken instantly reloads your weapons


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