Not sure how I feel about the direction my build is taking (Toecutter 7)

Content of the article: "Not sure how I feel about the direction my build is taking (Toecutter 7)"

Pictures above are Toecutters 7 MK 4~7, after Toecutters MK 1~2.5 that can be seen here (3 was a attempt at an even heavier build with 2.2k hp but very little mobility that I very quickly phased out).

As you can see, the general pattern is a shaving down of the build, with each iteration getting sleeker and more maneuverable, but maintaining a similar durability pool by sacrificing some of the armor. The latest iteration (MK 7) even went as far as to remove a pair of wheels and the iconic "Triple Plow Pangolin Hat" and switch the engine from a Colossus to a Cheetah.

As such, Toecutter 7 MK 7 is faster, more mobile and has a lower PS (unintentional), all while maintaining a level of tankiness comparable to previous versions, certainly enough to survive in a messy scrimmage.

It all sounds fine and dandy, so what's the problem I have?

My problem is that, slowly but surely, my build is starting to resemble other close ranged builds too closely for comfort.

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No longer am I the freight train that makes people back the hell up when I drive at them, I'm now the bull calf that will stick you in the side if you don't matador yourself out of the way (note the horns on Toecutter 7 MK 7).

Perhaps this is a case of "great minds think alike". If a group of people individually attempt to find the ideal way to build a close ranged build, while given the same environment, materials and tools, they would eventually come to the same conclusions and create similar looking builds.

Am I therefore doomed to be just another Dog player zooming around the map with flamethrowers blazing and dual rows of knives flashing?

I certainly hope not. At the very least I am tankier than most Dogs out there, that utilize Lunatics and Firestarter parts to get their weight as low as possible.

Perhaps it's better to see it as a sign of personal growth? Seeing what's really effective and ditching my stubborn ways. I've certainly become better at driving now, which had let me get rid of my tracks. I'll hang on to some form of armored hat for as long as I can before succumbing.

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In the meantime, you can take a look at Toecutter 7 MK 7 here.


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