Please don’t entirely ruin the Favorite; Alternatives

In the current test server, the Favorite cabin's perk only gives 2 seconds of effect in exchange for ~200 meters travelled (all stats will be considered as of no perk boosts).
While the first change (3 second effect) did weaken the 'infinite firing' miniguns, and did not leaving a huge impact on most shotguns, it overpowered the quick-firing Gravastar, I assume this change is made to combat this specific weapon's strength.
The cabin is already a LOT weaker than it used to be with most weapons.
The power of Gravastar comes from dealing damage quick, overheating in half a second (no radiators). Since the favorite on current live servers gives 3 seconds effect time, it results in 6x more efficiency for this weapon.
I am no game designer, but I think good alternatives to the current change could be;

– Make the perk still be related to the base overheating of weapons. The problem comes from the Favorite's 3 seconds being completely unrelated to how fast the weapons themselves overheat; making it inefficient for weapons that overheat slowly, and too efficient for weapons that overheat quick. If you increased the perk's efficiency to 6 seconds, but instead of completely stopping overheating, it'd only decrease the speed of overheating by 50%, then the overall efficiency for weapons that don't overheat in 3 seconds (with radiators applied) would not change, while weakening weapons that usually overheat quicker than 3 seconds (like Gravastar). This would also encourage more use of Radiators on vechiles with shotguns.

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Decrease the firerate of the Gravastar. Halving the firerate would result in a Gravastar overheating in 1 second by default, the 3 second effect perk this only giving it 3x more efficiency, thus weakening the effect of the cabin with only this specific weapon. This change would only slightly affect Gravastar crafts without the Favorite, as the guns will still deal the same damage, just a over a bit more time.

– Reduce the amount you need to travel to ~150 meters, not ~200, while applying the 2 second effect. While 2 seconds isn't much, being able to activate it more often would space out the perk's efficiency without reducing it a lot, but 200 meters for 2 seconds is still a bit too much distance.

Please at least consider one of these changes instead of the current one, as that would render the cabin almost useless for most weapons. 3 seconds is already low efficiency time, 2 would be even less, even if we have to travel less distance.


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