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So after months of building a clan of decent players who will regularly be up for playing clan wars, no one in it wants to play any more. This is due to the woefully out of touch devs, who seemingly don't even play their own game (at least not on the peasant's level, undoubtedly they use accounts with everything unlocked) so they've no idea how much of a commitment a decent clan wars build can be to us paupers (fused cabs, fused weapons, etc). So when they never stop buffing/nerfing everything in the futile quest for "balance" what they're actually doing is just pissing people off. Example: the nerf to ammo boxes. Now everyone in my clan who has a build with an ammo box has given up due to exploding every time an enemy so much as breathes near them.

Another thing: LET US CHOOSE OUR FUCKING FUSE UPGRADES!! I am now the proud owner of 2 fused pulsars that turn at different speeds, fire at a different rate, hold a different amount of ammo, and thanks to recent (and not so recent) nerfs, fall off if someone farts too loud.

Oh and thanks for adding a super, mega stealth cab. Now clan wars is just melee builds everywhere, so me on my "overpowered" hover build just gets wrecked instantly by some "press W to win" chump with spark/harvester/lance set up.

I'm sure there's more to complain about, add your whinges in the thread. But for now, that's my rant over!


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