Recent changes to hovers

With the recent hover changes:

Mass reduced from 325 to 280 kg / Durability increased from 135 to 165 pts / Maximum speed increased from 75 to 80 km/h / Total acceleration reduced by 10% / Increased the chassis’ inertia.

  1. While some changes like mass, durability and maximum speed are obvious buffs, the nerfs decreasing acceleration and increasing inertia kills some of the main advantage of the hover.
  2. The other nerf (that was actually a fix) was the decrease in height with the use of wheels (that I agree because physics xD) but they greatly reduce the tonnage available for our builds.

I use all types of movement parts and for my hover builds I had the need to rework them. Yesterday I was discussing with a clan mate the alternatives with the engines available, and we were discussing cheetah+less hovers VS colossus+more hovers. So I decided to get a bit more in-depth.

Real tonnage vs Power Drain on hovers

I defined:

– Real Tonnage -> Tonnage given by a cabin, hover or engine according to the equation:

Real Tonnage = Tonnage given – Mass of the part

E.g.: I used for reference the Cabin Nova fused from a past season. Notice the points on the Icarus alone (blue lines) start with 5500 kg – 1917 kg (fused Nova), the other lines start with different number of tonnage because the engines have their tonnage minus mass too. Changing the cabin will only change the starting "y", but we can compare some cabins doing their real tonnage too.


– Power Drain -> at 0 represents the power of the cabin. All powers that reduce power % increases this number and all that increases power % decrease this number.

E.g. Icarus VII unfused reduces power by 5% so the light blue line shows an increase of power drain with the increase of icarus used.

Upgrades used for calculus:

Cheetah and Colossus with power increase and mass reduction.

Icarus VII with power and mass (it's better than power and tonnage and tonnage and mass, can't compare the acceleration since it's not displayed (needs further testing))

To Read the graphic:

– All the lines start with 0 Icarus VII and each points represents an increase of 1 more hover;

– This data is only for Icarus VII and I only tested for no engine, use of colossus and cheetah engines;

– We want to use points closer to the top left corner, since it gives us more tonnage with less power drain;

– Negative power drain means more power added from engine than reduced from movement parts.

From the graphic we can deduct:

– Fusing Icarus VII have a great impact in the tonnage vs power drain ratio (but needs several fuses);

– Fusing Colossus for power and mass is more important than fuse Cheetah for the same upgrades;


– Best use overall is using fused Icarus VII and fused Colossus;

– Until +-6450 "Real Tonnage" the colossus is the best overall engine for the Cabin in study;

– Cheetah is really good for high tonnage builds surpassing the colossus if we don't have all fused.

Case 1: Someone has all unfused parts and want 9000 tonnage on the build ("Real Tonnage" as I defined).

– From the light yellow line, Cheetah+6 Icarus VII having a total power drain of 5%; (BEST!!)

– From the light green line, Colossus+13 Icarus VII having a total power drain of 15%;

– From the light blue line, 12 Icarus VII having a total power drain of 60%. (one less than previous case due to mass of colossus)

Case 2: Someone has all unfused parts and want 6000 tonnage on the build ("Real Tonnage" as I defined).

– From the light yellow line, Cheetah+how many Icarus VII you want with power drain -25%+number of Icarus VII*5%;

– From the light green line, Colossus+6 Icarus VII having a total power drain of -25%; (BEST!!)

– From the light blue line, 5 Icarus VII having a total power drain of 25%. (one less than previous case due to mass of colossus)

Read more:  [WIP - input sought] Example build/tutorial for starting medium raids

I decided to share my results in the hope I can help the community. Melee builds are a heavy counter to many hovers right now and I want you to have the most power possible (least power drain possible).


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