Serious discussion about upcoming changes in levi wars.

Probably everyone has already read the test server changes. The Cockpit perk limit will change from 125% to 50%, so devs have decided that this will be sufficient enough to make cockpits weak enough for other metas to emerge.

There still is a bit of a problem with that though

Devs in previous updates introduced energy limit, and since then time levi weapon choice was limited to 12 points per weapon type, which in theory was supposed to nerf cockpit levis, but did nothing to them.
Now that cockpit is being so severely limited, is it time to go back on the energy limit? In my opinion definitely yes, and I wanted to discuss that with everyone here.

Argument = Energy limit doesn't make levis more diverse.

This nerf was supposed to allow for new metas, sadly devs did not understood at the time that the core of the problem was in the cockpit. Cockpits just changed from running stuff like 9 retchers to running 4 Imps + 3 Triggers + 2 Retchers and effectively meta remained unchanged.
Now how this change would affect a world without cockpit OR the soon world where cockpit will be significantly weakened?

Energy limit will force all levis to look kinda the same, players won't be able to make anything specific, as 12 energy forces you to use different weapons that don't specifically work well with eachother. 12 energy doesn't allow for a Levi using multiple cannons or machineguns or other weapons.

Let's look at pre-nerf metas for perspective:

>Echo FatMan Mountain was a scary foe to fight, but it was very easy to defeat if you focused on its slow mobility and cluster of weapons, that were easy to strip with splash damage.
>Cricket BulletHell could deal huge damage, but inaccuracy of rockets combined with limited angles resulted in those levis dying easily when flanked, also it worked best on hovers which meant those levis were not particularly stable.
>Toadfish Rain I used this and I can tell you that the paper hp of toads with the enormous damage output was a high-risk high-reward setup.
>Melee DeathWall Let's be real, it's hard to aim with melee, try to hitting someone with a melee weighing 10x more, yeah DeathWalls were scary but an experienced team could avoid them long enough to strip it, not to mention how porcupines and similiar weapons could massacre the front of a melee levi.
>Drone flood To be honest this was a really fun meta and I am super sad that nobody now can run it, the flood of grenadiers or other drones was a real refreshment on the battlefield
>Range-Based Platform Basically combined long range or mid range weapons of similiar types, like Long range cannons, pulsars, scorps etc, or machineguns with blasters, or shotguns with more shotguns, It was really
>Cockpit Retcher Train / Imp Train Just blasted enemies out of existence immidiately

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Now how world looks now, past nerf?

>Retchers + Whateveryougot + Goliaths for armor + Aegis

How will world look after update?

>Way weaker Cockpit
>Retchers + Whateveryougot + Goliaths for armor + Aegis

Energy limit not only has blocked players from making actually good combinations of weapons on the levis. Now you cannot install more than 2 cannons, which is just sad. What if someone wants to make a levi with more than 2 mammoths or mastos or scorps or pulars etc?

Energy limit promotes unmemorable frankensteins that are forced to combine weapons of different kinds, resulting in all of them being diverse, but feeling very much the same.

Possible solutions to the problem that we need to implement to avoid levi wars turning into a shitshow again:

1. Devs limited cockpits, so they can limit other things fairly too:

Imps would be limited to 25% dmg self buff this is same percentile as what 5 Imps give you, so it wouldn't buff a levi more than a regular car.

Maulers would be limited to 50% dmg chainsaw buff – this is same percentile as what 5 Maulers give you, so it wouldn't buff a levi more than a regular car.

Lacerators would be limited to 75% hp chainsaw buff – this is same percentile as what 5 Lacerators give you, so it wouldn't buff a levi more than a regular car.

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Other changes could be implemented with player feedback, if any OP meta emerges, it won't be as strong as cockpits were. And at least before cockpits, no meta was created that was broken except the weapons mentioned above.

2. If devs like levis, then they should make them more fun to play and properly adjust specific things about levis:

>Fix the aiming system because currently aiming at players is VERY unreliable and leads to situations where levi has no idea who to aim for. Make aiming snappy and immidiate instead of current reticle, that takes ages to aim and lock on.

>Allow manual use for Skinner and Minelayers (except Jubokko and Fortune)

>Allow locking weapons with alt button for levis This is a problem for a lot of levis, sometimes this would come in very handy and I feel it would just make sense.

>FIX THE PREFIRE How long will levis be prefiring before they actually aim at the enemy? Please devs this is simple stuff, ALL projectile based weapons suffer cause of that, cannons, crossbows, rockets, plasma guns. Please could we have aim down and fire properly? Why when a levi sees an enemy, it spurts all of its shots before the guns are in line with the enemy cabin. It happens constantly and players can avoid a lot of damage if they just poke from behind a rock, even if im aiming guns in their general direction.

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I am hoping for a civil discussion with everyone. If you have any objections please comment and contribute, I want levi wars to be as fun as possible, and with your help we can figure out how to make this mode great. I know that devs sometimes read reddit and that KerryShark will probably relay to the team our constructive ideas.

Even if you disagree with the post, upvote it to make the discussion visible to more people and comment with what you think is the best solution! <3


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