So I met a a god awful build today

Content of the article: "So I met a a god awful build today"

So I’m doing some pvp for some scrap metal and I see this person running the most simple build I have ever seen. 4 hovers, at least 2 frame pieces, that yellow can I forget the name of that jade two modes, and 4 King mine layers. That was literally it. No ammo boxes, no armor, or decorations. It was literally only those items from the start of battle to the end. So I get destroyed from a fire build (don’t worry, I’m chill about it now. And I wasn’t paying attention, so wherever) and somehow this person with the simplest build on my team managed to last till the end. Here’s what was so painful to see. They were in the final stretch of the game and the last red is running circles around a barrier to get to them. This simple build person must’ve either been thinking “yeah, my build will make it. It’s so meta” or “ oh god I shouldn’t be trying to squeeze up to higher powerscore may be sin not ready for and my build is shit”. Anyway, this person desperately tried to escape the last red and gets fucking destroyed. I’m watching this in pain and yelling at the screen like “god you effing idiot!!! You don’t do this simple as hell build and expect to come out on top with this simple ass pile of crap!!! Go to a lower powerscore where you belong you worthless piece of crap!!!” You know, that kind of angry yelling when you know your last teammate is trying but will fail because they already fucked up from the start. I’m usually a “hey, you tried your best in a 1 vs 5. Your best is all I want from you”. But this made me mad over this because this build was so simple and seemed like this person is trying to squeeze into higher powerscore matches, trying something stupid,, just being a blatant idiot, or intentionally fucking my team over with a shit build. I’m just venting right now and I’m chill over it no. Just some “in the moment anger”

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