So I tried the ultimate cancer for a few hours and here’s my conclusion

Content of the article: "So I tried the ultimate cancer for a few hours and here’s my conclusion"

All of my plan slowly got together (I have 3 seals, 2 fidgets, and I finally unlocked the big train plow). I wanted to put the plow on as a roof in place of parts that broke off easily, but it turned out that its too big for this purpose, so I have done something unforgivable: I built a wedge, based on the countless nightmares that lived inside my head.

It has 633 hp, around 4300 PS, and since my smgs were too heavy, I had to improvize, so i put on 3 luparas, supported by 2 seals, making it the biggest possible sin a crossout player can make. At first i thought, luparas wont get me far in this PS range, but I shit you not dear reader, it was insanely effective. With the 2 seals, i can basically kill players before I overheat. I got MVP in most of the games. I could mindlessly dive into 1v2 situations coming out on top with a combat ready vehicle.

The wedge is just stupid. I managed to carry a semi-truck around the map with 100 kph, while slowly chewing away its health. I did this for about a good half minute, had a laugh how can a mechanic be on this level of bullshit, then drove into a wall, put the car in reverse setting this poor soul free. After this I mostly used the wedge part to brake off wheels, and fuck other wedgers from the side.

conclusion: I felt like the wedge itself is not such a huge problem in itself (read further, before you curse me, and also, im absolutely against wedges). Probably it adds a lot to the scare factor, but Im somewhat biased, because I didnt rely on the broken mechanic too much, just wanted to try how ist feels to be on the giving end…

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on the other hand, shotguns. The fact that I could dominate in multiple matches with white rarity shotguns in 4000+ PS matches tells me that shotguns are op. They are easy to protect, have a small hitbox, can shoot in every direction, and the damage potential is crazy huge. I could 1v1 cannons just standing face to face with them, and after i killed them, i was healthy for another battle. I could chase people all day, and they had zero chance to escape, or fight back effectively. Even when 1 or 2 got shot off, I was still posing a threat. And i cant emphasize enough, that these are the weakest shotguns in the whole game, in 4k+ PS!!


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