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We launched a Facebook contest with valuable prizes. I know you guys don't really like social media. Therefore, I persuaded my colleagues to make a similar competition for you here on Reddit, but with one prize for one winner. And this prize will not be as cool as on Facebook, but enjoyable nonetheless.

In general, you can try your luck here and there, if you'd like. But please don't copy other people's work! We will monitor this and punish it severely.

Good luck!

* * *

Paper is a valuable resource in the Wasteland. Electronics became unreliable, and shopping lists, maps, calendars, friends’ callsigns, diaries with thoughts, observations, and theories – everything worth keeping recorded – returned to battered paper notebooks, stashed away in survivors’ cabins. Lately, survivors started to find abandoned cars in the desert: no damage, a full tank of gas, valuable stuff in cargo holds, no blood… And no human presence whatsoever. Not a trace in the car or around it. Now all Faction leaders ordered a mandatory search of abandoned cars for any notes and diaries in the hopes to figure out what happened from the diaries’ last logs.

You are alone in the Wasteland, moving through the Sepulchre of the dead cities, desert valleys, and shabby postapocalyptic settlements, nestled among the ruins. Have you seen something strange, inexplicable or scary during your travels? Write a diary entry about it to remember – and maybe get a reward from the Faction leaders? And if your luck runs out – maybe the reward will go to the survivor who finds your notebook under the driver seat in the empty car.

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The task: compose a diary entry about any mysterious, inexplicable event you’ve seen while traveling across the Wastelands. Or, maybe, you’ve met someone strange and scary and this meeting doesn’t come out of your mind?

Contest terms and conditions:

  • Your diary entry should be no longer than 600 characters including spaces.
  • Post it in the comments below.
  • The entry has to have a theme, attribute or any other element pointing to the world of Crossout
  • The contest is for PC, PS4 and XB1 players.
  • The entry should not contain offensive language and Nazi symbols, references to prohibited groups and societies, as well as elements of erotic content;
  • Players who publish someone else's work will be excluded from participation.
  • By participating in the contest you give your permission to use your works at our discretion;
  • Each participant can only present one entry in the competition. In case you submit multiple entries, we’ll consider only the first one.
  • The entry must not contradict the Rules of the Game and the Reddit Rules.


  • 1 entry that will be chosen by the jury as the best one will receive a new elite “Phantom” pack.

Contest dates:

  • Start 16.10.2020.
  • Entry admission ends: on 20.10.2020 at 16:00 GMT.
  • Jury deliberation may take several days.
  • Reward distribution: within a week from the moment of the announcement of results.


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