Tales from the historian; The Nomads and their mysterious anomalies.

Welcome back to the keep, survivors. I am the historian, keeper of the pasts and secrets of the wasteland. Today, we will read about the Nomads and their anomalous nature, perhaps to gain a better understanding of what exactly they are.

The Nomads travel the wasteland on large, mobile homes made out of ancient jet liners that flew before the crossout. Their style is that of vintage cars and planes from the 2nd of the world's 3 great wars. The Nomads also participated in and helped win the 3rd great war. But what truly sets the Nomads apart from normal humanity is what lies beneath their fully covered protective suits. When a Nomad's mask is forcibly removed, their body turns to dust, leaving nothing but a flash of blue flame and the clothes which the Nomad had previously donned.

Ulysses, the Map-Keeper.

It can be theorized that a sort of "Induction" into the higher ranks of the Nomad faction involves entering an anomalous zone that leaves the survivor with this vampiric effect. many people who don masks and become Nomads were exposed to a nomad's death and thus became a lost one.

"If the mask is removed by force, then the person turns to dust. Only clothes remain, and all who are around lose consciousness and can remember only a bright flash of blue flame. Many of these people then see nightmares and go to the desert, where they acquire their own masks."

The Nomads have extreme adaptability and are often the mediator or "Neutral side" between wasteland conflicts. However, their neutrality comes from the disdain and dread directed at them from other survivors.

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The Nomads also hunt down rare artifacts in the wasteland, and travel to the far corners of it learning and mapping.

Their leader, Ulysses, is titled the "map-keeper" and is quite obviously the one who holds the maps of the wasteland.

"Since early childhood, he lived dangerously close to the Sepulchre (The encounter field "fortress" which used to have very dangerous effects on those who entered) and gained immunity to its disastrous effects. He and his brother Ash organized a gang of teenagers and horrified the inhabitants of the Valley, until they joined forces in the fight against the impudent gang. To escape their righteous anger, Ulysses and his brother had to flee and hide in the heart of the Sepulchre. What he experienced there is unknown, but coming out of the shadow of the destroyed skyscrapers a month later, Ulysses at the power plant — looking like he does now, with the mask. He came and told them to do whatever they wanted to him. The locals were ready to burn him for his atrocities, but Vala warned them against it. She said: ‘Kill Ulysses and you will become just like him’. Then the Engineers announced Ulysses' return over the radio. Everyone exiled him, and that's why he wanders eternally through the lands known and unknown. As for Ash, no one has heard about him since (clippings taken from the fortress story and Ulysses' own history)".

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Not only his appearance changed, but also his character. For many years he's been secretly helping those who have been harmed in youth or lost their loved ones…

The secret knowledge that he received in the Sepulchre, as well as the indomitable thirst for activity made him the unofficial leader of the Nomads. One might guess what he found in that fortress. maybe he found a book of untold truth? Or perhaps a magic prophecy? My theory is much more frightening– I believe that Ulysses found a damaged nuclear bomb, and fears that a survivor similar to who he used to be will use it for the wrong purposes.

If you have a map, character, or faction that you would like to learn about, put it in the comments and I will find out their story in a post.


Nomads' Info

Fortress map and info on the Sepulchre anomaly

Info on the Sepulchre anomaly for u/WELICIOUS90 , who posted a question on the topic on december 9th, 2020.

Unfortunately, there is little info on the actual birth of the nomads faction, but this is what my research on the nomads led to u/ghostpanther218


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