The Content ̶ ̶R̶a̶n̶t̶ Hole

Sometimes it feels like Targem is trying to outdo Warframe

Not in sheer size and complexity mind you, but in how much unfinished shit they can shovel into their own game

Remember Adventure mode? No?

When was the last time we got a new recipe that required Engraved Shells?

What about Food stamps? why do they even exit? do they have a purpose?

Leviathan matches? No wait they added leviathans to clan wars, yeah.. THATS where they should be right? not give them their own gamemode, that would make too much sense

And what ever happened to CKs? And im talking about the ones with new models, not those ms paint ones

When did they remove them? 2018? 2019? they even removed them from the market aswell

Now the only way to get them is by buying obscure car packs that cost more than most AAA games

They also removed several maps to redesign them. When was that?

Does anyone here even remember?

Apparently you need to shelf several maps for a year or two just to move some bushes and maybe put a extra roadblock or building

And that BIG UPDATE they were talking about for almost two years, when is that coming? or was that the Sindicate?

Speaking of unfinished things, how about them techtree eh?

Love how we got several updates with © items every month that cannot be crafted

You know, the ones you have to buy from packs or exchange exorbitant amounts of coins to get them

You could of gave us a craftable but shitier version of the © items, but that would make too much sense right?

Its good game design to ignore existing factions and keep shoveling in new items that are locked behind a paywall and cannot be crafted, right guys?

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Like i want to use a flamer thrower ingame, but the only one i can craft is of legendary quality, not epic, not a special, not of blue rarity

Same with tank tracks, same with spider legs

Same with miniguns, same with howitzers

Same with borer drills and tank cabins that have not received a different rarity variant since beta

But lets keep adding these epic only cabins and weapons that are uncraftable right?

And what is the point of the special rarity?

Why did you even add this to the game?

Have you added any special rarity items besides the median canon and some stickers lately?

Did you forget there exists a tier bellow epic??

Will the existing teal items ever get a blue or epic variants?

Will it be next year? Next battlepass??

Are the new hardware pieces going to be added to existing factions? or are you going to be lazy and give them to upcoming ones instead?

Oh, the Ravens are returning?

Why even start it? for what? for who??

There are not enough new players to justify this

Most of us have to log in at specific time frames just to play low PS battles

And yet you not only starting a crafting event when the players base is as low as it is, youre not even adding new items to craft?!

The least you could do is add a couple of new paints as bare minimum

But nah, lets just launch it anyway

With nothing new

What the fuck is wrong with you Targem?

What happened in 2018 that made this company enter a death spiral?


We used to get new content on a monthly basis either as new packs, new weapons, new paints

Now we have to search for leaks or join the test server hoping to find new content to play around with

How long are you going to allow these content holes to grow until its too much to handle?

Because people are going to start wondering why the game is dying

Each new update has a boost of new faces, don't get me wrong

But then its followed by a death spiral of people leaving in droves

BECAUSE THERE IS BARELY ENOUGH CONTENT to keep people around for longer than two weeks at a time

But lets re-release a old car pack with a slight redesign and a new 3d hologram

And set the price at 50 fucking euros because it includes a shinny new paint

Thats whats going to keep people around right?

So im gong to make a prediction:

Players will start spending their money somewhere else

Investors will pull out their funding from the project

Steam reviews are gona be in the red

And people will start leaving your team

And you are going to start panicking at the last moment

Whats left of the development team is going to be overworked

They are going to have to shit out over 100 pieces of new equipment to fill in the techtree gaps

You are going to pay for multiple publicity spots for the new update

All for the sake of revitalizing a game that you have killed with your own mismanagement

Does that sound like a healthy thing for your people and the company?

Gives us development tables so people will look forward to future content, and not wait for game leaks and battlepasses

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Communicate more with players, with your streamers

Do a dev stream from time to time so other people will know that this game still exists

Look at the general forums that you have largely abandoned and maybe make a comment

Show us that you at least care about your userbase if not your game

And again, concentrate on filling in the blanks NOW while you still can

Or don't, at this point i am no longer as invested in Crossout as i was in 2015

You want to have the same fate as Robocraft? go ahead then

Set whats left of your games future on fire if thats what you think is good

I love this game believe it or not

But I despise the way this company handles it

Now go ahead and downvote me you fucks


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