Unpopular opinion: Nests are good and are a nice shakedown of balance

Let me preface this by saying that they need to be seriously looked at so I don't get lynched. (nerf ideas below)

Yes nests are overpowered in the current state of the game, but the way they function breathes new life into the stale meta.

What I mean by this is that they absolutely shit on hovers and dog builds (and everything else atm)

Does this mean I want them to be the new cancer? Absolutely not.

The new meta are those goliath sandwiches with nests now and I can see them getting old real fast.

But watching annoying cover strafe hovers pop like overripe grapes is probably the most fun I've had in a while with this game.

Nests most assuredly need to be given a nerf or two, ideas below

  1. weight increase

They are all around too light for how they work, they can be hidden very effectively as the tops are the only thing needing to be exposed. A weight increase will make nest users use less armor overall to keep under weight limit.

  1. Less damage/fix how they interact with structure parts

This is the main problem with them, I've seen people complaining about how they simply ignore armor and clip through them. Reducing damage on them will help with balance but might need to be mitigated with more ammo reserves.

  1. Flight time or angle of attack nerf.
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Many people complain how nests are almost impossible to shoot down due to their speed, but pyres have a comparable time to target as nests.

The difference being the angle of attack, pyres are easier to shoot down as they travel head on for the most part unless angled upwards.

  1. Indirectly nerfing them by increasing the effectiveness of Argus/Barriers

  2. Keeping them how they are or buffing them slightly, but making them a 6 energy weapon.

I would say for a powerscore increase but that never seems to address the real problem with weapons and just takes the problem into a higher powerscore bracket and makes them more of a glasscannon weapon, like hovers do so well with.

I think their range of slightly under 150 meters is perfect for the weapon and making it less would make it awkward to use outside of goliath sandwiches which no one wants.


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