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A few tweaks I’ve made to make the game more enjoyable on PC (Only tested on RTX 2070 Super)

Hey guys!

Recently running through my second playthrough after letting the game simmer a bit and I'm quite pleased with what I've accomplished visually and performance wise this time around. I'll start with my specs being an RTX 2070 Super, i5 10600k, 32 GB ram, and SSD's for OS and applications. I'm achieving a stable 60-70 FPS with ray traced reflections and shadows with most settings on high or ultra. My monitor is 1080p with a 144hz refresh rate but we will be using DSR and DLSS to increase that.

Shaky first person camera fix: If you're playing on mouse and keyboard then you've probably noticed that looking around can almost appear to drop your fps. To fix this, in your Cyberpunk game settings navigate to Controls -> First Person Camera (Controller) -> Advanced Options: On -> Response Curve: Raw. This should smooth out your mouse significantly.

DSR: This is where I made most of the magic happen for me visually. Go into your Nvidia control panel -> 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings. Now in the Global Settings tab, scroll down to DSR – Factors and enable all options. Next move down to the DSR – Smoothness setting and put it between 15-20% for 1440p. The higher you go, the less smoothing you need with 4k requiring none but we're sticking to 1440p for this.

Misc Control Panel Settings: These are normally down to preference and I encourage you to research and experiment with this tool as it's extremely useful for optimizing your games. While still in the Global Settings tab, I would recommend setting your Power Management Mode to "Prefer Maximum Performance" but if you don't want it running like that all the time, we can set this in the Program Settings tab next. Navigate one tab over to the Program Settings. From here either select Cyberpunk from the dropdown list or click "Add" and navigate to the exe manually. Make sure you choose the game exe and not the launcher. If you are not using GeForce experience overlay then select Image Sharpening and put it somewhere between 10-20%. If you play with Film Grain on then you will want to experiment with the Ignore Film Grain slider and find the setting that works for you. If you are using GeForce experience then Alt+F3 will give you a filter overlay where you can add and manipulate this setting on the fly while in game. I've done a few more tweaks in here to my preference but please research what other people have done and find what works for you and your specs.

In Game Settings: Alright now we're loaded into Cyberpunk. First thing let's go to the Video Settings and change our resolution to 2560×1440. Disable Vsync if you already haven't. Next go to the Graphics tab. The first section titled "Basic" is all preference and shouldn't impact performance. My preferences are

Field of View = 100

Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain = OFF

Depth of Field and Lens Flare = ON

Motion Blur = OFF

Next let's scroll down to the Advanced Section. I'll lay out all my options in the same format.

Contact Shadows = ON

Improved Facial Lighting Geometry = OFF

Anisotropy = 16

Local Shadow Mesh Quality = HIGH

Local Shadow Quality = HIGH

Cascaded Shadows Range = LOW

Cascaded Shadows Resolution = LOW

Distant Shadows Resolution = HIGH

Volumetric Fog Resolution = ULTRA

Volumetric Cloud Quality = OFF

Max Dynamic Decals = ULTRA

Screen Space Reflections Quality = OFF

Subsurface Scattering Quality = HIGH

Ambient Occlusion = HIGH

Color Precision = HIGH

Mirror Quality = HIGH

Level Of Detail (LOD) = HIGH

Ray Tracing Settings: I personally love the ray traced shadows and reflections in this game and refuse to play without them, so finding a balance between ray tracing and the standard graphics settings was key. The ray traced lighting in this game is not properly done and will wash out the colors on your screen more than enhance them. So for now we turn Ray Traced Lighting to off and leave the others on at your preference. Ray Traced shadows did not seem to have a major impact on performance in most areas and look miles better than the rasterized shadows.

Resolution Scaling: Leave the FidelityFX settings to OFF. Set DLSS to Ultra Performance.

Additional options: Now is when GeForce Experience Overlay users should press Alt+F3 and start experimenting with the sharpen filter. I have mine set to 20% with Ignore Film Grain set to zero as I have it disabled in game. I'm using two mods from Nexus as well called Cyber Engine Tweaks and Respector. Cyber Engine Tweaks gives you some more tweaking options so I recommend that as a must have on any build. Respector can be mainly looked at like a cheat engine but it's true beauty lies in it's New Game + feature.

I'm taking my level 30 Street Kid V back through the story as a Corpo this time with all my gear, skills, levels, and vehicles. Enemies are scaled to me and I've increased the difficulty to hard.

If anyone has any tips or additional input, please comment and let me know! I'll edit this post as new suggestions come in and I test things out

EDITS: Screen Space Reflections switched to OFF. Ray traced reflections covers enough surfaces that you shouldn't notice the difference. 5-10 FPS Gain.


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