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After 100+ hours of Cyberpunk, I realized something: It’s an INCREDIBLE Far Cry game.

Content of the article: "After 100+ hours of Cyberpunk, I realized something: It’s an INCREDIBLE Far Cry game."

We were sold a mix between Far Cry and GTA 5 and Skyrim and Deux Ex. We were promised smart AI and customizations and buying property and exploration and got none of that stuff. But we DID get ALL the stuff in a Far Cry game.

-Good main story where you play the part of the Protagonist, with no real choices in how things play out. You are Jason Brody, or in this case, V, an already established personality you didn't build.

-Interesting, well-written characters with good dialogue. I think CDPR's writing is better than Ubisoft's, but it's close enough, I think.

-Fun side quests that largely involve killing a camp of enemies. Sometimes you get to rescue someone!

-You cannot change the world around you in any way outside of the main quest. There are no factions to develop relationships with, killing 500 people doesn't really affect anything.

-You spend your entire time doing side quests and progressing the main plot, then you're done. No reason to go back, really.

That's Cyberpunk. We were sold a Next-Gen RPG with ALL the cool stuff in games we've played before, from many genres, and all they could manage to get done before release was a really good Far Cry game.

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It's clear they INTENDED to have all these neat features in their game, and even started working on many, if not ALL of them. But at some point the decision was made to cut them and just ship the game.

Cyberpunk is a blast to play, for sure. I love driving around town, murdering Maelstrom thugs and having Johnny show up sometimes to be snarky.

But it's not what we were promised. And that sucks.

The graphics are mind-blowingly beautiful and immersive. Just don't look too close at all the stuff you CAN'T do.


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