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An old translated comment from Pawel Sasko about the shorter campaign

Content of the article: "An old translated comment from Pawel Sasko about the shorter campaign"

Original credit goes to u/shavod and I'll link his full post below. Here I'm just posting the excerpt talking specifically about them making a shorter campaign based off Witcher 3 data.

"Cyberpunk's structure was built on the foundations set by the lessons we learned from our work on The Witcher 3. The Witcher had main story as it's core with several subplots branching out of it. That was the basic structure, which we called a wheat spike. In Cyberpunk we added another nonlinear layer to it in the form of the subplots that serve as a quests, which can be triggered in a various circumstances. Those quests are not set up in a linear fashion. We are using an internal system, so called token system, which decides on whenever the game supposed to give you those quests.

That means that even I couldn't tell you in what kind of order those quests will trigger for you, because the game itself will decide on that based on your current progress. Of course we are still holding the reins and decide upon what kind of conditions need to be fulfilled for that particular quest to trigger, but the process itself is very difficult to explain. The game has the most complex structure that we ever did.

Looking back, in case of The Witcher 3, some players and journalists had an issue with the main plot being too long. Around the battle in Kaer Morhen and right after it there was this feeling of upcoming finality, but it ended up feeling too stretched out. That was one of the issues we wanted to avoid while creating Cyberpunk's main story. That additional time we got by making the main story slightly shorter, we spend on the subplots.

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So in the Cyberpunk's structure we have this wheat spike, which serves as it's center, the main storyline with different subplots surrounding it, which can be triggered in a various ways. Those subplots allow us to do something that we have never done before, they change the main plot of the game and they are doing that in such a way that you may not even finish the main plot, but still finish the game and get a completely different epilogue then the player with a different lifepath who made different choices, met different characters and formed relationships with them.

The game's nonlinear nature is present on several levels. Because of that, it's hard for me to tell how long exactly it will take for the player to finish the main story. Regarding of how many subplots we prepared, at this moment, looking just at the story content that has been handcrafted by my team, they are equal in length to the main story, even a little longer then that. Everything depends on the playstyle chosen by the player.

When people play the game as a Solo, they tend to finish the game faster then players who prefer more silent approach and, for example, avoid killing people, which means their playthrough will be quite longer. That quest inside All Food Factory, with the Maelstrom gang, Dum Dum and Royce, which you were playing through, offers 12 different paths and those paths vary in terms of length. Depending on your chosen path, the quest will have a different length and because of that it's hard to answer this question."

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