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Anyone else think this game’s story should have been “longer”?

Content of the article: "Anyone else think this game’s story should have been “longer”?"

I am not good at starting threads and usually lurk but i thought I'd throw my "take" out there.

So, I have been enjoying CP77 and completed it a few days ago having done most side quests (aside from all the NCPD ones) and since I got done it bothered me a little that we didn't get "more" in the sense of story before the mission to get the engram/chip.

What I mean is. The "prologue" of whatever lifepath you take feels rather short. Granted I did the corpo path and have only watched bits of the others as I want to try them myself if i replay the game but still. It takes less than an hour to complete even if you listen in on conversations and for me that just feels…. Lacking. I am not asking for much in that regard since it is the prologue but it makes it feel a little rushed to me. But that might just be me and it's not my biggest issue which I'll have to mark with spoilers so read on at your own caution.

My bigger issue is something people are probably familiar with. The "montage/compilation" with Jackie. It just feels like you are being cheated of potential story and missing out really getting to know Jackie or even T-bug. I know they aren't major players in the story later down the line considering they both. Well. Die. And while Jackie's death certainly was impactful I just wish there was more to it. You as a player haven't had as much time to bond with him as V has. Or how you came to know T-Bug. What I am trying to say is. It would have been nice with like an extra "act" or have act 1 be set earlier. Letting us experience the world before impending doom from a chip in your head and a false sense of urgency

I also heard some people saying they speculated that the montage/compilation was some sort of cut content. Which if true saddens me to see as there would have been plenty of stuff then. But since I haven't found any form of truth if its cut content or not I can only guess.

I mostly just wanted to make this thread to hear what other people think or if I am just alone in this regard or hear other peoples suggestions if they agree. That and if that cut content thing is true or not. So yea. Sorry for any errors and spelling mistakes and thanks for giving the thread a read.

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