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Choosing the best ending (and there’s more than one option)

So I've seen a bunch of people arguing over what the true best ending is and how to achieve it. The general consensus seems to be the nomad ending is the overall best which I totally get. But I'd say there are two others that are at least as good and in some ways better.

So first off the nomad ending. If you want the absolute best feeling ending possible pick the nomad life path, romance Panam, and boom there you go. You ride off into the sunset with your love. You end things on good terms with johnny. Saul is dead which is actually a good thing. You leave NC and all your friends seem to know and are happy for you. And it tosses out a Chekhov's gun for getting V a cure. To me this also makes a ton of sense thematically and even more if you pick the nomad lifepath. Vs clan was absorbed and lost. He lost his family and friends and this gives him everything he wanted back again. There's nothing wrong with this one except out of all the V keeps his body ones, this seems by far the least likely to actually save him. I mean Arasaka couldn't figure out a way to save you with conventional means and you think Nomads can do it? Still this one definitely feels the "happiest".

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Second major option is Arasaka and digitize yourself for Mikoshi. Make sure to save Takemura to make it better. So the Arasaka endings are generally regarded as the weakest of the bunch and I understand why. Its the only ones where you end on bad terms with Johnny. You're seperated from your friends back home and also your love interest. But if your main goal is to save V's life? This is by far the best option. These are the guys who made the Relic. The most powerful entity in the world. When they tell you that they can save you if you digitize they're not lying. Even if you think they might be lying, I don't think Takemura would. The tech is proven with Saburo so this isn't some wild claim like the other endings comments about saving you. I one hundred percent believe V comes back if he takes the deal. If you did corpo V this also plays back into the recursive themes of the game. Just like nomad V ended up in a clan again corpo V comes back where they started. Plus sequel potential wise being an Arasaka agent with Takemura and Oda sounds sick.

Third option and my favorite is Don't Fear The Reaper let Johnny take your body. V and Johnny are dead. V from the second Deshawn shot him and Johnny for half a century. Living out what's left of V's time is a pointless epitaph to his life. Just delaying the inevitable and making it that much worse when you leave your friends for good. But letting Johnny take your body is the only way to really salvage something from the ending. And in the epilouge with the kid you can really see it. Johnny's honest to god changed. He's living his second chance the right way because now he sees how important life really is. I strongly suspect in the early stages of the game they only had one big ending in mind and if I had to put my money on which ones closest this ones it. Also from a gameplay perspective dont fear the reaper is awesome. It's legitimately challenging which is refreshing in the late game. Johnny and V are both aware for it and his cheering while V wipes the place is such a good culmination of their relationship. Also all Arasaka grunts losing their shit as a single person rips the place apart is hype as fuck.

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