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Clarification on CDPR’s plans for Cyberpunk 2077 based on their Strategy Update video- Reacting to Forbes’ article

I feel compelled to post about this (adding to the dozens of other posts on this topic) because I just read a Forbes article on the subject and felt that it included some misinformed inaccuracies that could continue to cause confusion among fans and players of the game, and anyone who is willing to give the game a chance in the future.

Now, I know that many people think it’s hilarious to take gaming news seriously from a publication that does not primarily focus on that industry, but Forbes does regularly publish articles on gaming related news, and I don’t think the misconceptions stated in this article are exclusive to them. I’ve seen other articles painting broad strokes on their conclusions of the CDPR Strategy Update video, to the point where it almost seems like each new article that is published is just taking its news from other articles rather than watching the video themselves.

See the article here-Forbes: CDPR Cutting It’s Losses On Cyberpunk 2077

I highly recommend anyone who’s interested in this story at all to check out the video themselves, which I will link below, because I find it highly informative and then you can draw your own conclusions as to what is really going on with 2077 and any other future CRPR plans.

CDPR Strategy Update

I want to touch on a few statements Forbes makes in the article which, as per the Strategy Video, are incorrect. (The graph that I’m going to be referring to in the following points can be found in the Imgur link below.)

CDPR Strategy Update- “Building Broader Franchises” Graph

1) Regarding the Expansions: The Forbes article states the following- “It’s been assumed that Cyberpunk would get the kind of meaty DLC additions we saw from The Witcher 3 with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, but now that seems like it’s far from a guarantee.”

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While the article isn’t outright saying that CDPR will no longer be doing this, they are heavily implying that it’s not going to happen, citing the 2021 roadmap as only including the patches/updates, free DLC, and next-gen upgrades, and then saying the rest of the video has no mentions of expansions at all.

Another quote from the articles states, “… even in a 25 minute video about their future strategies, CDPR refused to talk about any plans for Cyberpunk 2077 past what’s already been announced for the rest of 2021: more fixes, free, small-scale DLC and the next-gen version of the game, likely out this fall.”

Although CDPR did not release a roadmap for 2022 (which, in their video, they said they will only be releasing roadmaps for a single year at a time), they did include a graph which indicates expansions are “in the pipeline” (see the Imgur link). In fact, they even mentioned how their restructuring of their teams will allow for simultaneous development of expansions alongside starting development on other projects (how successful this would be is another story, but again, they are still committed to working on these expansions for 2077 prior to moving on the the following up in the franchise).

2) Regarding multiplayer: I do agree with the takeaway that the Forbes articles makes in that CDPR is not going to be implementing any multiplayer or multiplayer-like functionality into 2077. Even from the beginning, some people were under the impression multiplayer would be a part of 2077 when, in fact, it was always planned to be a standalone experience, even to the degree it was going to be their next major AAA release. Forbes included CDPR’s direct quote on that regarding how they are “reconsidering” this.

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However, consumers and fans seem to be confused still, saying that no, they are still going to do multiplayer because of other statements CDPR made in the video regarding their plan for implementing online features into the title. But that’s just it, they don’t use the word “multiplayer” ever again in their video, and only ever use online “experience” or “features”, which could really mean anything (i.e. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla technically has online features, but they are not multiplayer or co-op).

To that end, CDPR still has “online experiences” “in the pipeline” for 2077, as indicated by the linked graph. However, in that same graph, they even have The Witcher as having an “online experience” “available”, which, in this case, is Gwent.

So while CDPR may not outright abandon any kind of online functionality in 2077, its most likely not going to be any kind of multiplayer experience as people have expected and are even still expecting.

In conclusion, based on watching the Strategy Updates video, we can confirm the following- 1) there will be expansions released for 2077, but what they will be and when they will be released is still not being discussed, and 2) while CDPR still plans to have an online experience with Cyberpunk, it is unlikely to be any form of multiplayer, and may be an experience separate from the game if Gwent for The Witcher franchise is anything to go by.

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I’d be surprised if anyone has made it this far but if you have I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my post. I just wanted to put down all my thoughts on this in one place, and provide the sources from where those thoughts came from.

Edit: Adding screenshot of the 2021 Roadmap. Please not the asterisk they have next to the Free DLC planned for 2077, saying it will be small additional content. 2021 Roadmap Update


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