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Considering adding to the list of “unprovoked scrutiny aimed at Cyberpunk 2077” I wrote last year (sourced mainly from Twitter)

Content of the article: "Considering adding to the list of “unprovoked scrutiny aimed at Cyberpunk 2077” I wrote last year (sourced mainly from Twitter)"

So I wrote a post on this sub about a year ago regarding the unusual amount of scrutiny that Cyberpunk 2077 got at around that time. This was made in September of 2019 so the most recent CP77 news was Keanu at E3. The deep dive and night city wire didn't exist yet. We didn't even know there would be a multiplayer mode ever which leads into the core topic of this post About one year and SEVERAL delays later, a lot of the original scandals have kind of naturally evaporated away from the discussion but now they've been replaced by new scandals.

You can see the original post below but basically the gist is that things have gone from complaining about:

First person perspective

Jackie saying words in Hispanic but still speaking English

Transgender posters

The character screen either be too woke or not woke enough

to complaining about:

Microtransactions but not microtransactions in Cyberpunk 2077. Instead, we are mad about the potential for microtransactions in a multiplayer add on Cyberpunk 2077. An add on that will very likely be free in the first place (which naturally needs to actually get paid for somehow). Is that all? Well this supposed multiplayer add on likely won't be out until 2022, basically guaranteeing that it will never lay a hand on the prime $60 single player game we'll get anyway, basically making the multiplayer a bonus anyway considering we didn't even know it existed for the bulk of Cyberpunks development. Anything else? Well, how about the fact that we basically already knew all this from half a year ago but because some "journalists" got in a click bait mood, we've got another unprovoked thing to yell at the wall about while not really figuring out what we're yelling about.

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I wrote in my previous post that the old scandals were a nothing burger because they weren't anything serious like microtransactions. When I said that though, I meant in the actual $60 game itself, not in something that's a bonus 2 years from now anyway. And I meant stuff like paying for essential single player stuff like in most Ubisoft single player games or having to pay for the true ending if you don't want to grind. Not basic multiplayer microtransactions that are in literally every multiplayer game on earth that we don't even know we won't be able to get anyway.

Like seriously, who does this hurt? If you're only into Cyberpunk 2077 for potential multiplayer, you can just wait till 2022 when its price has inevitably dropped. If you're into the main game itself, then you can buy that and be happy when you get some multiplayer you didn't even ask for 2 years later.

This just feels like a scandal that's only a scandal if you want it to be cause Cyberpunk threatens your favorite game for goty in 2020 (I'm saying this just cause 4 out of every 5 people I saw complaining about this on Twitter had TLOU2 stuff all over their timeline and profile) or something like that.


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