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Cyberpunk 2077 – Dex meeting ( TGS 2020 ) (Google Translated)

Content of the article: "Cyberpunk 2077 – Dex meeting ( TGS 2020 ) (Google Translated)"

Here is the Google Translated text of the conversation to give yous an idea of what was discussed:

Dex: Welcome Mr V

Jackie: The whole family is finally here

T-Bug: In a way, nice to finally meet you, V

Dexter: What about the Flathead?

Jackie: Let's show Dex, V

: Summon Flathead into case

>> V chooses to summon Flathead

: Sit

: Thanks for helping with the Scavs

>> V chooses to sit

Jackie: Is this booth sound proof?

T-Bug: Jackie…

Dex: That's right Mr Wells. We need to talk delicately.

But before that, I need to ask Mr V a question:

How was it with Evelyn Parker?

: I saw the plaza from the inside and it worked

: Not bad but she wants to cut you

>> V: I think it worked. I saw the plaza from the inside the BD recording

Dex: Oh I already heard from T-Bug

V: Then you know the target, Yorinubu Arasaka, follower of the emperor

Dex: Only the name is fine. He has no talent.

Him and Parker are "friends"?

So what did she say outside the meeting?

: That's it. There is nothing else.

: Evelyn wants to cut you

: Evelyn is suspicious {shutter icon} 4

>> V: It seems she just wanted to meet me.

Dex: Just wanted to meet you? Hey…

V: Let's talk about the plan. What's going on?

Dex: This

: Take the shard

V: Then be patient with your words

T-Bug: We've got it in place. The strategy itself is simple.

Jackie: Specifically, let me

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Dex: First of all get Delamain. Use a pseudonym for your name to get to the site.

Then logon to the Sapnet with T-Bug's help

T-Bug: I will use the Flathead

Dex: All you have to do is sneak into Yorinbou's penthouse and steal the Relic.

T-Bug: Covert behaviour is elementary. Zero causalities is ideal.

Dex: T-Bug will assist remotely.

Do you have any questions?

: Should be fine. I understand.

: Will I ride Delamain on the way back?

: What pseudonym should I use?

: How do I get into the penthouse?

>> V: All right.

Dex: Great

Jackie: Wait, the main purpose gathered here is still

Dex: Novice's share is 30% and that is unnegotiable.

Jackie: What? 30% ?

Dex: There is no safe role in this. It's an amount equal to the risk.

: It can't be helped.

: Isn't that a bit small?

>> V: It can't be helped. I don't mind.

Jackie: Are you serious?

V: I have no choice but to drink. And this is enough.

Jackie: It can't be helped.

Dex: There is one last thing. Weapons are prohibited. There is a security gate.

Put weapons in the case, and carry the flathead with the case.

T-Bug: I've prepared a suit to make it look like that.

Jackie: It's all over.

V: It works.

Jackie: So don't rush. When do you get the money?

Dex: It depends on Parker, Mr Wells. Maybe one or two weeks?

V: What's that simple? Just one or two pop

Dex: Just take your time, because if Arasaka notices it's over.

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Well the Greeks say it's about timing of leaving

The car is waiting outside

T-Bug: I have to go. I have to prepare for the communication.

If there is anything else, say it now.

: It's okay. Never pause

: What do you think of this plan?

: What's your relationship with Dex?

: Thanks for helping with the Scavs

>> V: All right. It won't be easy anymore.

T-Bug: Let's do it.

Jackie: Are you ready?

: There's something I want to get rid of first

: Let's go

>> V: Let's go. I'm in a hurry.

Jackie: Do you have to?


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