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Cyberpunk 2077, for me, is the saddest episode in the gaming industry that I have ever experienced.

I had seen the trailer that came back in 2013 but it didn't get me hooked. After I was done playing The Witcher 3, I came to know about CDPR. The Witcher 3 was a masterpiece, so naturally I was pretty invested in whatever that was their next project. One fine day I saw a tweet from them, it was "Beep", I think. And I was thrilled to know that it has begun. Saw the E3 trailer and it was okay, nothing mind blowing, honestly. But then came their gameplay trailer and I, like most of the people out there, was blown away by the sheer scale of the game. The entire premise of the game was so extraordinarily grand that I found it hard to wrap my heard around. I had never felt the same way about any other game other than Half-Life 2.

Now let me come to the point,. Before I say anything else, I must tell that I have not completed the game and I have progressed through 20-25% of the main story. I am actually as disappointed with the game as I was thrilled. Bugs do not bother me. Bugs are just the wrinkles on the code sheet and they're eventually pressed out over time.

The absolute failure of the game disappoints me, yes, but it's not something that saddens me. What saddens me is the little moments in the game. The sudden jolt when you're looking at tiny details of the game and realize that they are so exceptionally well done. Like have you seen how phenomenally they have animated Silverhand's hand gestures? When you open the photo mode and somehow manage to zoom in one one single subject, the details, the textures, the reflections even without RTX, the chrome plates on NPCs, markings on them. Everything is so damn gorgeous, precise and well done. And don't get me started on the guns and the cars. I have played copious amount of games and I have not seen any game that has a better gun design, as well as the car design; I know that's a subjective affair but still. The car designs are so well done. Unique and original. I have this car called, Jefferson or something like that, and its front is a pure expression of how unique their designs are. It is highly asymmetrical and still very beautiful. The characters, although I have not met many, are so well crafted that you can literally take a closeup of any part of their bodies {except some(of course)} and make a wallpaper out of it. Have you seen the neck of Takemura? Those gorgeous red undertones with Arasaka stamped on it. The design itself has a certain depth to it which makes you wonder about how things ended up where they are. Other than the design, the campaign missions are so well executed and acted. I am leaving out on writing about this part because it brings out the spoilery stuff. But it is very well done. Amazing, really.

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When you're reveling in these tiny gorgeous little details, it strikes you, the idea that this game could've been one of the greatest video games ever made, but sadly in its entirety it does not even come close. Spread out the game and you will find exceptionally well done parts right along with parts that exist just as placeholders. And this vast distance between what this game is and what it could have been makes it the saddest episode of the gaming industry for me.

I have no idea about the future of Cyberpunk 2077, all I know is that CDPR lost all the trust they had gathered over the years and also missed out on the opportunity that could've taken them to the apex.


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