Cyberpunk 2077

Earliest legendary quickhacks (from level independent access points)

Some legendary quickhacks at level 1

Well, I'm done playing cyberpunk for now, just wanted to share a few infos about how to get legendary quickhacks as early as possible in the game, just in case someone cares 😉

A bug can happen, where you don't get any quickhacks from APs at all, but I never had it, I just know that despite some rumours the exact cause still seems to be unknown and it is not fixed in 1.2

The earlier you test getting legendary quickhacks, the earlier you will know if something's wrong though 😉

There are 3 main types of APs:

  • (A) they give legendaries at any player level (level independent)
  • (B) they give epic or lower quality at low level and legendaries at higher level
  • (C) they will never give legendaries, only lower quality

and sub-types depending on intelligence requirement for using the APs, let's say for (A9) there is 9 intelligence needed, while (A0) has no int requirement.

This thread is about type (A) APs, as they give legendaries at low level, especially the (A0) type without any requirement can be used as early as player level 1,if you manage to glitch out of the rescue quest and glitch back in later (which I don't know if still possible with patch 1.2, as they removed several of those useful glitches).

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With level 2+ they are accessible if you leave Watson (as street kid you will even have a fast travel point), type (A) APs which are not (A0) are at least (A9) or (A10) (accessible at level 4+ or 5+).

Type (A) APs have in common that they are all located in City Center or Heywood (at least I didn't find them elsewhere) and they are connected to Gigs.

There is another category, some APs are freely accessible, while others are behind closed doors and need the Gig active (Act 2 and related street cred necessary) or you find ways to glitch in and out.

Here's a list of the (A) APs I found (no claim to completeness), 8 of them are (A0), 5 of them free (shown in the video).

GIG: Sr Ladrillo's Private Collection (8 street cred)

Location: Dicky Twister, Heywood (Vista Del Rey)

  • 1x (A0) free (rooftop)
  • 1x (A0) closed
  • 2x (A9) closed
  • 1x (A13) closed

GIG: Eye for an eye (8 street cred)

Location: Tucker's building, Heywood (The Glenn)

  • 1x (A0) closed
  • 2x (A9) closed

GIG: An inconvenient killer (9 street cred)

Location: 7th Hell, City Center (Downtown)

  • 1x (A0) free
  • 1x (A0) closed (9 tech entry)
  • 1x (A9) closed (9 tech entry)
  • 4x (A9) closed
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GIG: Serial suicide (9 street cred)

Location: Memorial Park Station, City Center (Corpo Plaza)

  • 2x (A10) free
  • 4x (A10) closed

GIG: A lack of empathy

Location: Empathy Club, City Center (Corpo Plaza)

  • 1x (A9) free (it's the AP on the wall, the other is a (C9) bummer)

GIG: The Frolics of Councilwoman Cole

Location: Gold Beach Marina Bar, City Center (Downtown)

  • 1x (A0) free
  • 1x (A10) free (it's the one at the bar, there is a (C10) bummer in the office)

GIG: Hot Merchandise

Location: Data Inc. Store, Heywood (Wellsprings)

  • 2x (A0) free (enter through side window)


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