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Not sure if this is news, but recently, Miles Tost confirmed that enemies will have access to largely the same abilities as the player does and that they're making sure the enemy AI is able to cope with the player changing positions and moving around quickly.

Granted the latter is really something they should just put their money where their mouths are with and show us (because so far all glimpses of enemy AI were pretty damn unreactive, "Hey, did you just throw a grenade at my foot? Hold up, let me stand around a bit so I can say GRENADE, GET DOWN! and 0 myself), but enemies having access to the same abilities as you isn't something you see many games doing and V will probably have a pretty big roster of different abilities.

First game that comes to mind is Dragon Age Origins, which was more of a hub-like world with free transitioning between the hubs.
Enemies had almost entirely the same abilities as you did and depending on difficulty level, they'd use their abilities or combinations of them with less and less mercy.
Which really added a lot of the good kind of realism to the gameplay and made it more engaging.

Miles said enemies will use Sandevistan and Kereznikov against you all the same and they'll also try to target-hack you.
I think it's pretty cool that they took this route with enemies as opposed to what other games usually do where your abilities are almost entirely exclusive to you.
Execution is obviously something we'll need to see, it takes tons of playtesting and balancing, but I can respect the approach.

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Another thing that was mentioned (not in the podcast, but earlier) is stealth AI.
They allegedly gave the environment (most likely interiors) their own values based on opacity and material that the AI will read and react to traits of your presence differently.
Such as sounds you make being muffled or not or how visible you are through certain surfaces, etc.

On the contrary, previewers said that stealth AI is mediocre, they're not extremely dumb, but they do tend to not notice you 15 meters away, squinting at you.

What do you think, will this game have really good AI or it'll fall to its ambition and end up a mess?
Not many open world games get it right, both Red Dead 2 and the recent Ghosts of Tsushima had horrible stealth AI and the Witcher III didn't have stealth, so they don't have a lot of experience with stealth in general (aside from some sequences from the Witcher II).

Personally, I hope the next Night City Wire will elaborate on some of this nuance to the actual gameplay instead of trailers, talking about gangs and messaging.


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