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  • The game world is shown on a three-dimensional map that looks like a hologram or like the 3D representation of some navigation systems. The background is red, streets and bridges run in blue, buildings are shown as 3D models and are red. You can rotate and zoom the map freehand to get your bearings. In addition to this map, there is of course a minimap on the normal screen and you can set goals.

  • The inventory is divided into your backpack , equipment and cyberware . The game allows you to wear clothes as headgear , in the face , in two layers on the upper body, as pants and shoes .

  • Incidentally, items in the game have the quality levels ordinary, unusual, rare, epic, legendary and iconic Iconic objects are absolutely unique objects that mostly have their own names and were run by famous people. An example would be the "Chaos" pistol from Royce, the Maelstrom boss.

  • Armor is an exciting topic in Cyberpunk 2077, where CDPR made a great decision. The appearance and properties of garments can be separated .

  • Some items of clothing are purely for visual purposes, while others have additional fashion slots that can be upgraded.

  • Often the number of mod places increases with the item quality, but you can even add some through your own crafting.

  • A good example are the sneakers that V often wears on screenshots. It can just be shoes, but you can also weave in special fibers that make ordinary street kicks quasi bulletproof Kevlar sneakers. In the preview build, I had installed a so-called "fabric mod" in the shoes, which brings +5.46 armor. These mods can of course also be exchanged.
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  • Melee battles offer you the right trigger light and strong attacks (holding the button), which can break the cover. You block by the left trigger. Attacks and blocks consume endurance that only recovers over time.

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