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Genuine curiosity and discussion– What kind of playthroughs do you guys plan to play?

I know, I know. Lot of people are making posts about their planned playthrough. But what I saw was only downvotes and too brief plans or overplanned with custom/overly specific background story and all that jazz. No discussions or anything like that. So I wanted to try making this post and see what happens.

I'm genuinely curious about people's planned playthroughs. I would like to see other people discuss and share some ideas so each other's playthrough could be more interesting, somehow.

Like for example, I didn't know what I want/plan to do in the game and didn't want to start as Nomad in first place until someone mentioned that he/she wanted to start off as Nomad because like us IRL, Nomad V would be going into the NIght City for the first time. That got me thinking and started to plan out several playthroughs.

So without further ado, I'll share my plans. My plans for first, second, and third playthroughs are:

FIRST PLAYTHROUGH: Nomad self with badass black cyber arms with green or chartreuse lighting a la Adam Jensen– black Carbon Fiber with green or chartreuse lighting if a such design is possible. If not, then just black chrome. My personality in this playthrough would be something like chaotic non lethal. If you cross me, you'll end up quadriplegic.

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My weapon selections would be Melee focused- Mantis blade and a tranq pistol or tranq sniper if I needed to take an enemy out in distance.

Why nomad: Since it'll be first time I play the game, it makes sense that I begin as Nomad, going into the Night City for the first time both in real life and in-game.

SECOND PLAYTHROUGH: This is going to be one really fun character, and possibly my favorite playthrough… A caramel skinned and gyaru dickgirl with platinum blonde and an obsession with hot pink color and cheetah prints fashion. Personality and playthrough would be like this: No fricks given like Harley Quinn and a moral compass similar to Deadpool but somehow on good side. (I can't help it- being bad just isn't me. I couldn't even trigger a nuclear warhead in Megaton City in Fallout 3!).

Weapon selections would be pretty much anything goes. Keeping in mind, that it's confirmed that we'll have three weapon slots, so I'll mostly stick with a SMG in first slot and a Scratchers or Rippers in third slot if they're in the game. Anything else, anything goes in second slot. Grenade? Sure! Rocket launcher? Oh yeah you bet your chrome ass! A launcher with shark and chainsaw cybernetic and laser beams? Frell yeah! Melee weapon would be a katana. If the game allows, they'll be stylized in bright and bold colors à la Die Antwoord's in the Chappie movie.

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Why Street Kid lifepath: Now that I know the Night City from first playthrough, it'll make sense that I'm a street kids, having seen how things is like in Night City. But not enough yet, which would lead me to being a Corpo in the third playthrough.

THIRD PLAYTHROUGH: Corpo. Having seen more of Night City in both first playthroughs, It'll make sense that I'm now on the top of the city, with wealth and all that jazz. Character would be something like myself as high skill netrunner and hacking. You know, dealing stuff from in shadows.

Weapon selections would be netrunning based– Nanowires, chaff grenades, EMP or something like that.

Either this, or as a Japanese lady with proficient skills on katanas and swords. I don't know. I haven't really planned out the Corpo playthrough in details yet.


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