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Having gotten the chance to fully play the game with patches thus far, its not as bad as I was expecting and enjoyed it very much but you can still tell there should be something more here.

I was looking to give this game a go now after patches and my brother was able to oblige by passing on his Steam account to me. A bit of background, originally I had this game in my hands for the PS4 hoping to play it on Christmas day on the PS5, but we all know what happened there and so I got a refund.

I played it on my laptop Acer 5 Nitro so it ran at most medium settings with some options set to low. Didn't mind a bit, game ran at 60fps and still looked good.

Hit my first snag at character creation screen. Apparently theres a glitch where if you press the Q or E keys while customizing your character, the mouse goes haywire and you have to reset the game to make it stop. So I just did the basics and left it at that, so not a great start. Set my background as a Street kid and off I went for a few hours messing around in the game world.

The first act of the game I gotta say is fairly rough- particularly the combat. The bullet sponge enemies get tedious to fight, and honestly you still feel fairly limited in what to do once the open world becomes available to you. It doesn't help that there was a 6 month jump where you meet a few characters, would be a better opportunity for a tutorial section compared to the boring tutorial section we got with T-Bug. Granted the combat feels better later on as you progress, but for the first 10 hours or so it was very meh and unsatisfactory. The Arasaka Heist with Jacky in Act 1 really suffers because of this as you are just so limited in your abilities

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Fortunately the dialogue has been the highlight so far, but thats kind of a mixed bag of itself. Before I played the game I saw that dialogue choices influenced 2% of the game's story, so the multiple choice answers presented just felt hollow. Unlike in other RPGs where you could negotiate with other NPCs or talk your way out of a fight, I did not get any of that here. Just conversation with various choices with all leading to the same outcome. Granted there were some emotion beats with Johnny, Judy and a few others.

The main story missions…theres not much to say about it. The real good stuff lies in much of the side missions where a lot of character development can be seen. Its a pity some of these missions weren't added to the main campaign, as I found it to be rather short and lacking for the most part any memorable moments. Kidnapping the Arasaka heiress ( forget her name sorry) wasn't anything to write home about, and the fact that she's literally just there to offer you another ending choice in the mission afterwards is just kinda meh. Didn't sit with me.

The game's glitches weren't as intrusive as I thought they would be. Granted I was running the game on the most up to date patch. Got some graphical glitches here and there for the most part that were fixed by reloading a save file. The downright most broken glitch I got was during the last mission where I teamed up with Panem, and for whatever reason my weapons were not doing any damage. There is nothing that takes you out of the game more when you are given a destructive tank but you cant do any damage because the game is not registering your hits. It's totally fucked up how they messed up such a crucial part of the game, and I had to restart a few times to fix this. I shudder to think how this game was at launch if this is how it is now.

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Overall, I enjoyed the game far more than I thought I would. Maybe I would have a different opinion if I paid the full $60 for it and played it on launch day. In my opinion, the game's biggest issue is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. Pre-release marketing would lead you to believe it is Cyberpunk GTA with all the bells & whistles of next gen. The actual product is something close to open world Deus Ex Lite with open world RPG mechanics that don't sit right. The game has elements from many different genres that don't sit right the way they are now. Night city feels so bland and empty and just looks like set dressing, that all. It reminds me of the hub worlds of Deus Ex, pretty to look at but not much to do in them.

The game has all the characteristics of an immersive sim, but sticks to its guns as an RPG. I think that brings the game down in the long run.


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