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Horror potential of Cyberpunk 2077

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I have always had the opinion that horror moments in traditionally non horror games are scarier than anything in an actual horror game. This is consistent with my favorite horror stretches in games being from Bloodborne and the Witcher 3. Due to this, I am interested in the potential horror possible in a game like Cyberpunk. Obviously it can be much easier to do horror in fantasy compared to Cyberpunk but there is some potential that I've seen in previews of the game where horror can be expressed.

I had the idea to discuss this after seeing the screenshot of Lizzy Wizzy, along with other images (the girl from the 2018 E3 trailer and Maelstrom) and just seeing how much potential the game has for body horror.

Monsters with bodies all throughout their lairs get replaced with gangs and serial killers obsessed with body part trafficking and constantly augmenting yourself. We've already seen some of the extant of body horror in many of the ads shown in the universe. If you've ever seen Akira, you know body horror is actually a common trope at times in Cyberpunk. I'm imagining horrific black mirror type scenarios where people get trapped in infinite suffering begging for death as punishments or people fusing their bodies together level body horror.

There is also however, potential for existential horror as well. Best existential horror game I ever played was SOMA which was entirely sci fi and whose concepts were very much feasible in Cyberpunk's context and it wasn't about AI's. People hunting for immortality unlocking horrific lovecraftian secrets with AI's taking possible roles as lovecraftian Gods. Could even fit some Gaunter O'Dimm type AI in the universe.

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