Cyberpunk 2077

I already downloaded the patch, check back here, I’ll comment if it’s good or not.

This is just some plain simple text for filler. I'll probably edit this and say GOOD or NO GOOD. – keep refreshing post.






game on SSD


The minimap zoom is still not implemented.

They changed the icons for the grenades, that's nice.

The V T-Posing without pants while driving bug is still there

The fps in front of V's apartment is still utter garbage horrible, it's half of what I have everywhere else.

Shadow, light, vehicles and texture pop ins are just as horrible as they were.


I have 30 fps with ray tracing ON now instead of 60, nice.

The graphics in the inventory look WAAAAAAY BETTER!!!! They were a blurry mess for me before.

I still can't see how clothes look in shops/crafting menu. – lmao

I still can't UNTRACK "Meet Hanako at Embers"…

New elevator button panel.


Bikes drive just as bad.

The lighting does look nicer.

Regina Jones isn't giving me jack shit for completing the cyberpsycho quests, at least not on my end, there's no new reward inside her place……….

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Getting in and out of cars looks way smoother and V's hands are in a different, better place on the steering wheel.

The lights on NPC vehicles still only turn on when you get really close to them or not at all.

The clothing store inventorys are refreshed, there's way more things to buy which is nice, a lot of lengedary and epic clothes with 2-3 mod slots, nice nice.

My hat and eyewear still take a second to pop in when I get on a bike.

keep in mind these are minuscule problems that don't really affect gameplay, I can't speak about gamebreaking bugs or bugged quests as I haven't experienced any and I'm playing on my lvl 50 100% character as of writing this post.

The icon for "OVERHEAT" and "CONTAGION" quick hacks are now blank, it shows nothing only a square.

Enemies fall to the ground nicely when killed, they don't play some stupid animation or they don't float.

The 6th slot in the skill and ability upgrades menu is now changed to "RELIC" and it shimmers when I hover over it.

The menu seems way smoother.

NPC's still drive around like drunk babies.

NPC cars still drive thru solid objects.

My fps (performance) has gone down quite significantly, both ray traced and non ray traced.

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New menu animations added at the ripperdoc, way smoother

Tabula E-Rasa price cut by 75% – now costs 25,000 eddies.

FPS loss is about 30% – I used to have 100-110 in badlands, now I only have around 75..

The ugly ass 2D cars in the "distance" still appear really close to you and they look like garbage man, CDPR just delete that file completely man. – Update on this: I think it's even worse now, they pop in about 2 or 3 car lengths behind me now..

The image looks alot clearer, both in menus and in general, the game looks way sharper, I can't put my finger on WHY but it's definitely a good improvement!

Ugly Screen space reflection graniness still present.

Some songs on radio stations are still too quiet.

When arriving at a custom waypoint the marker still doesnt dissapear.

That ugly ass smoke in the middle of Pacifica is now gone, thank god.

Remember the jokes about the "new" police behaviour? yeah they were right. they still spawn in front of my eyes or behind my back just like 10 meters away and they cant shoot instantly, that's it.

i can see them popping out of the ground on the streets…

When I run out of grenades a piece of paper will fill the grenade slot, this has happened to me since launch.

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