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I got a feeling the Militech cut content rabbit hole goes way deeper than we think. (Spoiler for main storyline as well as Cyberpunk 2020)

I'm basing this theory on three things, in game dialogue, cut content and established Cyberpunk lore. In other words I'm not talking out my ass and this is why I think Militech was originally a key player in the story.


-There is a detailed Militech building in corpo plaza blocked off by both visible and invisible walls and
broken elevators.

– Stout basically ghost's you after explicitly mentioning further work for V in the future which as we know never happens.

– Militech is known to hire solos for black ops they can't be seen doing (i.e. Morgan Blackhand, Shaitan, Cyberpunk 2020 player characters, etc. ) as well as funding and organizing acts of terrorism against Arasaka (i.e. the 2023 attack on Arasaka tower was a Militech operation)

-After Blackhand went MIA and members of strike teams Alpha, Beta and Omega either retired, went underground or died, Militech has been probably looking for solos to replace Blackhand.

-Militech knows about Mikoshi and Alt Cunningham as it's destruction and the rescue of Cunningham where secondary objectives during the incursion into Arasaka Tower.


I believe there was supposed to be a Militech storyline which would've offered great character development for V, Johnny and Stout and even a Militech ending culminating in the start of the 5th corpo war and V becoming the new Blackhand. It could've gone something like this:

After Life During Wartime and before act 3 with a certain amount of street cred Stout calls you to offer you a gig that appears to be as simple as any generic fixer contract, unbeknown to V, Stouts supervisors are actually probing V trying to determine V's worth as an asset. Mission turns out to be more complicated and V manages to impress the Militech officials. Then V would be further contacted to do a number of increasingly interesting black ops for them, similar to the Aldecaldo story arch. V then negotiates for help with the relic and and reaches an agreement with the Mili equivalent of Hellman to help them out in exange to becoming the companies' lead solo (like Blackhand back in the 20's). This could've lead to a Militech ending where it turns out they have been scrambling to find a way to take avantage of the internal strugles in Saka after Saburo's murder.

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It also would've offered interesting character development.

Johnny: This could've been a deep dive into Johnny's hypocrisy, as V would learn the truth about the 2023 attack and that the anti-corpo rockerboy everyone knows is actually a corpo funded black ops agent and that he has no right to judge you. JS would go on about means and ends blah blah blah and ultimately but reluctantly understand V and agree that taking down Arasaka is worth compromising just as he did 50 years back.

Stout: The player would have a choice to keep things professional with Stout (in order to pursue another lover) or could also pursue Stout romantically, V's gender wouldn't be an issue since Stout is known to be bisexual. Either way you wold see her character be better developed past the current angry horny corpo-rat.

Plausible Ending:

Nocturne Op happens, you say goodbye to your lover of choice, you take the blue pill(not based) and follow in Johnny's 2023 footsteps, he says some bullshit like here we go again and disappears until Mikoshi, you call Stout since you know the Militech takeover is happening soon enough, convince the executives to start the assault ahead of schedule, Miltech equivalent of Hellman agrees to help V with the chip. V, unmarked Militech elites and a colorful bunch of solos launch a coordinated attack on Saka tower while the bigger Militech is launching their nationwide hostile takeover. Awesome firefight, Alt connects to the building, V fights Smasher, Changes happens, six months bullshit, AI's go free, "Goodbye V never stop fighting" Militech actually destroys Mikoshi this time around, V becomes the new Blackhand and works for Militech now, any lover except Meredith leaves you, Militech sees V valuable enough to research treatment for them, 5th corpo war happens, V goes down in history alongside Blackhand and Silverhand as the destroyers of Arasaka, credits roll, voicemails and Never Fade Away.

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And that's what I think the Militech story arc would've looked like. It's lore friendly, fits with the characters and based on past events. The cut Militech building and Stout's disappearance are enough to convince me something similar to this was planed. The fact Johnny's memories purposely glossed over the fact Militech coordinated his attack lead me to believe he was being an unreliable narrator and his Militech connection would be a big reveal later on.

Anyway let me know what you think and apologies for grammar but English is my second language.


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