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I have an idea on what a plot point in the game could be.

Content of the article: "I have an idea on what a plot point in the game could be."

We know now the chip of immortality, the Relic, was manufactured by Arasaka. We also know from the gaming journalists who played the game that this chip is in the hands of Yorinobu Arasaka at the Konpeki Plaza. A look into Yorinobu and his life shows that he rebelled against his father, Saburo, because he hated the evil nature of the company.

Saburo also is obsessed with making himself immortal. Saburo actually planned to have his mind transferred into a computer to make himself live forever when he died. I believe after the events of Firestorm he disappeared because of the horrible reputation brought on Arasaka from the Night City Holocaust. I think Saburo is the hidden antagonist of this game and we were playing right into his hands. His presence in the game may have been revealed with Grimes's music video.

Yorinobu knows his supposedly long gone father would want the Relic so he hides it to make sure his father can stay gone. There are also factions within Arasaka that fight each other at this point. Hanako leads the Bafaku Faction, Michiko leads the Princess Faction, and Yorinobu leads the Rebel Faction.

Yorinobu probably thinks he can’t trust anyone so he must take the Relic for himself and keep it out of the hands of any living Saburo loyalist. Maybe Saburo is playing the factions against each other to weaken them so he can easily assume control when the time is right.

Arasaka also seems really gung-ho in stopping V and Jackie after they steal the chip that most of their soldiers probably don’t even know about or the purpose of. Maybe Saburo hired Dex, probably by proxy, to steal the chip from his traitorous son. However, since V has the chip in his brain this plan got turned on it’s head and now Saburo is desperate to take it back.

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TL:DR Saburo is alive and wants the Relic to make himself truly immortal. He may have hired Dex to take it and failed so now he is having Arasaka throw everything they got at V in order to take it back.


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