Cyberpunk 2077

I love this game

I got Cyberpunk a few weeks ago to play it with my little brother, this meant with speakers and everything just us chillin trying to have a good time. We weren't sure about it, I heard all the negative stuff about the game, I even was rather critical in streams I saw of opening day. But I figured, hey its been a few months. Why not?
I… Fell… completely in love.

I played this game following the main quest but doing side quests as they came up that sounded important, stuff that I would get that sounded fun, I would do instead. Or some days, we would do side quests only. Exploring the world, but always returning to the main quest. Through the side quests I felt really a part of the world, I enjoyed seeing V bond with characters, and quests that seemingly were boring (Dinner with River), I appreciated beyond belief, it felt very refreshing, to be honest, to see such a level of depth throughout the side quests.

Then for the main quest, the main quest I loved like crazy, at first I really disliked Johnny Silverhand but as the story progressed I began to understand and like his character. Then to see his character change at the end of the story, was amazing. Very few games trigger emotional responses from me, but when this game ended I was sad that we couldn't save V, it was sad and emotional to have Johnny walking to sacrifice himself to the virtual world so V could live another few months, and have V chase him confronting him.

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Then, the final thing that really got me. The showers. One of the very first things you do after leaving Viktors office once hearing that your a dead man walking because of Johnny, is you are tasked to take a shower. During this time, you have nothing. Jackie is dead, Arasaka hunts you, you have been told you are going to die with no solution and have someone you hate in your head. And all in some shitty apartment nonetheless. However, one of the ending scenes after I had Johnny go into the virtual world to give V 6 months of life, is you wake up, and are again tasked to take a shower. This time, everything is different. You are with Panam, she is in the shower with you, you have River, you have all the Aldecaldos, the fuckin vending machine, and success. Arasaka is crippled, Johnny made up for his mistakes to Rogue and his old band, Rogue redeemed her selling out to Smasher, and Johnny showed the biggest change of doing a selfless act just so V can survive another 6 months.

To me this highlights the entire atmosphere of the game. That everyone is just trying to survive in a cruel world. And in this world, the happy ending is just being able to look yourself in the mirror and like what looks back. Johnny discovered what life really was through death, and got permanently changed by V, and vis versa.

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My only regret about this game is that I can't ever relive the main story blind again. So I know this game gets a lot of shit about the bugs, but to me, they were mostly fairly minor, and only one or two game-breaking ones that fixed with a save. So I just say thanks CD Projekt Red, for an experience that I really enjoyed and hope to continue to enjoy as DLC comes out.


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