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I noticed all the romances seem to share a lot of similarities with each other

I'm sure some people have realized that already, but I haven't seen anyone put all these similarities together in one place, so… I thought it'd be fun to do so!

(Correct me if I got anything wrong though — especially with Judy's or Kerry's romances. I've only seen Panam's and River's, so a lot of info pertaining to Judy and Kerry is just from what I've gathered from the wiki/community)

Panam & River

  • Their dialogue doesn't change no matter V's body type (so they both come off as flirty regardless)
  • The player has no opportunity to 100% halt the romance dialogue (You never get the chance with River until the water tower, and Panam still ends up propositioning you in the basilisk regardless of your dialogue choices up until then)
  • Both of their stories involve getting something back (Literally — Panam with the 6th Street cargo, River with his nephew; Metaphorically — their respective families)
  • Speaking of families, both of their stories involve family in some manner (Panam with the Aldecaldos, River with his sister and her kids)
  • They both find out about Johnny after their sex scene (River in the kitchen, Panam in the tent after V wakes up)
  • Both of them require only a specific body type; as long as the body type is compatible, they'll be attracted to V regardless of their gender (big body for Panam, small body for River)
  • They both have red in their color scheme (this isn't important or anything i just found it funny)
  • Both of them have their jackets/coats off during their romance quests

Judy & Kerry

  • Despite lengthy questlines, romantic interest from them is either vague or intermittent up until the choice moment (so I've heard anyway. I say "intermittent" because apparently Judy's attraction is only evident depending on dialogue choices)
  • Both of their stories involve loss in some manner (Kerry needs to get over Johnny, Judy is trying to avenge Evelyn)
  • Both of them require a specific pairing of body type + gender for romance (small + female for Judy, big + male for Kerry)
  • They both find out about Johnny before their sex scene (Kerry at the start, Judy in Talkin' Bout a Revolution)
  • Both of their romance quests have a particular association with music (Kerry's boat song, Judy's humming)
  • They both have black in their color scheme (same as above :D)
  • Also both of their names end in a "y" and i think that's neat
  • (by the way do they have people texting after you in compatible romance routes? Panam and River do , but if Judy and Kerry don't, then that's another similarity they have)

Judy & River

  • Both of them are the only ones whose romance plots give V a new item (River's "Fuck the Police" tank, Judy's shotgun + MaxTac outfit)
  • Both of their questlines involve justice/idealism (Clouds doesn't have a 100% happy ending, Han gets away with covering up the mayor's death)
  • Both of their sex scenes happen in quiet places (the cabin, the trailer)
  • Depending on the player's choices, either of them can leave the story before Nocturne Op55N1 (Judy can leave NC, River can die in The Hunt)
  • Both of them are understanding of V in the Reaper Ending ("I guess I get it, why you wanted to leave this place once and for all." / "That's how half the people in Night City end up… especially the good ones.")
  • Both of them are ostracized from the groups they were introduced in (Judy and the Mox, River getting suspended from the NCPD)
  • Both of their stories involve leaving a toxic environment (River leaves the PD and becomes a P.I., Judy leaves Night City)

Panam & Kerry

  • Both of their sex scenes involve destruction (Kerry's has destruction start it, Panam's has destruction interrupting it)
  • Both of them give V a gun before their romance quest (Archangel in A Like Supreme, Overwatch in Riders on the Storm) (at the end of those quests too!)
  • Both of them are upset with V in the Reaper Ending ("If there is a hell, I hope you're in it. Rotting, burning, all of it!" / "The only thing you proved is that you don't give a fuck about your friends.")
  • Both of their stories involve going back to something that they thrived in and finding happiness in doing so (Panam returns to the Aldecaldos, Kerry gets back into songwriting after the Samurai reunion)

River & Kerry

  • You can go an entire playthrough without meeting either of them
  • Besides the Samurai gig at Red Dirt, both of their questlines have you working with them alone
  • I'm like 90% sure the same track is used during their more vulnerable moments (Kerry at the emptied-out bar, River at the water tower)
  • Even if you don't have the required body type or gender, you still have the option to kiss them during key moments (Off the Leash, Following the River)

Panam & Judy

  • You cannot go one playthrough without meeting them multiple times
  • At some point during their questlines, you work with a group (the Aldecaldo vets in With the Help of My Friends, the dolls in Pisces)
  • Unlike with the boys, if you don't have the required body type or gender, you do not get the option to kiss either Panam or Judy during moments where you otherwise could

All Four of Them

  • All of them want revenge on someone (Nash, Kovachek, Woodman, Harris)
  • None of them are straight (Judy is gay, Kerry is bi, River and Panam are either bi or pan)


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