Cyberpunk 2077

I think I’ll choose the Nomad life path first for immersion.

Okay so apparently with the life path you choose (Nomad, Street Kid, or Corporate) you have a different start in the game and unique missions added with that specific path.

Now this makes me believe that as a Nomad you will start outside of the City (kinda imagining something like when you first play Trevor in Gta 5 and you finally make it to the city in story). If the Nomad Path is like this where we eventually leave the Badlands and enter the city for a reason I would want to choose this option.

Or even if we start the game buy entering the story I feel for immersion reasons this is my favorite first option. I will be entering the city for the first time so playing a character in universe that is more familiar outside the city that will allow me to learn the city and have reason to basically act like a foreigner in my opinion.

Yet then when I play my Corporate or Street Kid character I will be accustomed to the city as if I've always been there knowing where to go for certain things before the game even tells me.

I also want to play a Techie Nomad (kinda like a scavenger/inventor character) the class system is fluid so I might focus on some Solo traits too since my character being in the Badlands should know how to protect himself. Yet Netrunner not as much as I will focus on that in my Street Kid run.

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Is anyone else doing the same thing lol?


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