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If style is everything in Night City, the current apparel system needs a massive overhaul

Content of the article: "If style is everything in Night City, the current apparel system needs a massive overhaul"

As is, the current vendor system is mostly or entirely RNG. Avante sells ragged tank tops just as often as the trailer park thrift vendor sells Arasaka corporate skirts. This does not quite make sense to me from a narrative standpoint. No one with a bullet proof Arasaka dress is going to sell it at a trailer park on the edge of Night City any more than Avante would sell torn tank tops with punk branding. There's also no reliable way to acquire faction gear, like Tyger Claw apparel, without playing RNG games looking for the right clothing.

A basic fix would be to implement item restrictions to the vendors and prices should reflect that instead of rarity values. Avante should only sell medium high end clothing. The trailer park should sell second hand thrift stuff. Street cred should determine the rarity of the available clothing as it appears to function like a credit score.

To go further, faction vendors should exist. Multiple factions exist in Night City: Tyger Claws, Mox, Maelstrom, etc. Some vendors of these factions exist already: the crippled Tyger Claw, the secret Maelstrom vendor, multiple Voodoo Boys vendors in Pacifica, etc. These can easily bring us to the level of promised customization by adding faction clothing and cosmetic cyberware. The Maelstrom vendor, if unlocked, should sell you Maelstrom clothing and cyberware mods. Why not replace your Kiroshi optics with some Maelstrom split X optics or your mantis blades with machete blades? Tyger Claws have cool looking needle feet, why not grab a set for yourself?

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This would also open more vendors. Corpo V could have a contact in Arasaka that sells their apparel, weapons, and their sleek chrome. Finish Judy's storyline? Opens up a Mox vendor at Lizzies that sells their merch and augments. Finish River's quests? He'll put you in touch with the Militech police supplier. Cyberpsychos neutralized? Maxtac wants a chat. Nomad V should be able to get Aldecaldo's clothing and some older looking cyberware available to the nomads. Want to look like a Valentino? Street Kid V would be able to buy augs and clothes from a vendor but a different V could do some work for the Padre and get access to them. Want a replica Silverhand arm? It's 2077, why the fuck not?


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