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I’ve been using noclip to explore cyberpunk for a while now, here’s some stuff I’ve noticed

I can’t include a photo for each of these so you’ll have to take my word for it. At least 50% of my game time has been from playing around with noclip.

  • V’s mega building has a perfectly modelled ground floor with lootable items and working vending machines.

  • The broken lift in this building also works (with help of a mod that allows you to re-enable lift panels) and takes the player down to the ground floor. Why this was cut makes zero sense to me.

  • All of the in accessible mega buildings have hollow interiors, there’s no hidden stuff in them. A few still have the lift shafts inside but this is likely a copy paste job. They do however all have the interior background noise heard in useable mega buildings, so that still exists.

  • One of these mega buildings (I can’t remember the number) was converted into an NCART station. Inside the building using noclip you can see floating turnstiles and adverts dotted in each corner. I presume these are models left over from what would have been a large NCART interior.

  • Megabuilding 8 has an empty floor which is accessible through the previously mentioned mod for lift panels. It’s just a blank square on the panel and the lift opens up to a random point out in the open.

  • Many NCART stations have empty platforms or hollow shells for where interiors were meant to be. Some of these have doors which are even useable. So much NCART stuff is left over it’s clear it must have been taken out last minute. Small NCART rooms can also be found along the track. I assume these were going to be tiny waiting rooms accessible through a lift.

  • The NCART lift outside V’s apartment has an unused NCPD stop which still exists, but isn’t accessible normally. If you follow the path provided, it takes you to the roof of the big NCPD station with empty landing pads. Maybe this was a garage of some sorts for flying vehicles (theories suggest these were once drivable and potentially purchasable)

  • So many locked doors have floors behind them (usually meaning interiors were planned) including night clubs, sex shops, pharmacies, you name it. Lots are also just window-dressing, but plenty have audio inside of them. Probably going to be DLC in the near future.

  • Loads of verticality was taken out. Plenty of walkways exist out of bounds that provide a sense of height not felt otherwise. One of these even has a hollow nightclub with 3 floors and a working lift going between them. This is the club with the huge warning signs animated on its front.

  • Tied to this there’s also an unused NCPD crime scene right next to it (not working) and the nearby gun shop has a gun range locked behind closed doors. This is of low quality with broken textures but has a completely coherent interior.

  • The NCART underground subway does kind of exist. The station is completely accessible (found in the Arasaka plaza), but the lifts are taped off. If you noclip behind the NCART metal detectors, you’ll be in what looks like a tube tunnel. Perfectly walkable, spawning NPCS, and empty entrances for where the lifts would have stopped. This was probably useable at some point in time and the lifts would have taken you straight onto the train platform. At least CDPR taped off the lifts to make it look cannon.

  • Under the same metal detectors, there’s duplicated entrances but with the message “Security, please enter individually”. Not sure if these were the original ones used when you were once able to just walk straight through.

  • There’s also locked entrances for a lower floor in this station, noclippling behind allows you to see stairs and the beginning of another corridor which bends to the right. Maybe this was an alternative entrance to the train platforms idk.

  • Lots of NCART stations also have mounted turrets at the entrance. They’re pretty pointless, but probably once provided a threat when gameplay was planned for these stations. Maybe the metal detectors meant you weren’t allowed weapons, but this is all theory.

  • Pacifica has the most amount of visible NCART content. One station even has track going behind it’s locked doors. It also has unusable turnstiles, which when noclipped through, take you up to an unused waiting area with plenty of benches. The track is housed in a huge glass roof and has locked doors going inside.

  • Pacifica in general has so much cut content outside the map. Fully modelled roads, shop fronts with no doors, and even unique back alleys which aren’t accessible. Same goes with the mall which has an unused lower level.

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That’s all I can think from off the top of my head. Shameless plug, but check out my YT “MZK” for some gameplay of these pieces of cut content. Hope this was worth the read 🙂


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