Cyberpunk 2077

Just finished the game on PS5. Loved the writing but hated how broken the game was. Had some opinion for future DLC and Multi-player!

I want to start off by saying that this is one of the best games I've played in terms of writing an character interaction. I honestly hated Johnny and V in the beginning, but as they both grew together I started to care about their characters, not as much as I cared about the side characters though. I've never been this invested in side character's story and want to applaud the writers for making such an amazing story.

Having said all that, the game is also the buggiest game I've ever played in my life. If not for being so enthralled with the writing I would've given up after the 10th crash or 5th bugged unworking mission. I lost count after 30+ crashes. I know that's all the fault of the head honchos and the writers and developers didn't have much to do with that. I know it must've been rough for them seeing their art released in that state.

I also think the game was missing a lot. I was expecting more missions revolving around the gangs. There are lots of Dialog options with Judy involving the moxes. Asking about them but we never interact with them in any meaningful way. Plus there's that character named "mox" outside of the mox bar that always shows up with a green circle like a side character but you never have any special interactions with them. I had no interaction with the Animals or the Voodoo boys outside of their specific missions leading up to finding ALT. It feels like missions for these gangs and their characters was intended to be included but ultimately cut to make a release.

Some of my other complaints: – Not enough variety in clothing sets – Not enough customization for the character. Would've liked to get as large as an animal or get super borged up like Maelstrom. – It felt as if there were a ton of loose ends in the game. So many dialog options hinting at more going on but not letting you interact with any of it. – More netrunner options would've been fun. – Ability to change your appearance or even gender after you started. It's a futuristic world where I can replace my arms and legs but can't get a haircut? Lmao – Non-binary options for gender. – I wish we got more from characters that died. Or some options to save them. I feel so bad about what happened to Evelyn and the game gave me no option to prevent any of it.

Predictions for DLC and Multi-player: – Probably a raid on the casino since that's the ending I got. – Something focusing on Rogue's son, which could also be Johnny's son? – Gang missions that unlock entire quest lines for different gangs. – more info on the Peralez's and give their story turns out. – Mad Max style map featuring Panam in the Badlands. – New Hacks and abilities. Personally I think it would be cool to have a hack that would trigger leg cybernetics causing a guard to jump into the ceiling and knock themselves out. Or jump super high and take fall damage. Or a remote control hack that let's you basically "Possess" enemies. – Jetpack cybergear and ability to buy AVs and flying them around. – More quests involving side characters like Nix or really any of the interesting side characters that we barely interact with. Maybe something in the future featuring Misty and Jackie's kid which I think would be a fun twist.

Multi-player predictions: – Gang based warfare across the city. – Ability to fully join factions like nomads or corporate. – Netrunner abilities will likely be fully reworked.

Would love to here opinions on how they would re-work netrunning or other abilities to work in competitive Multi-player.


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