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Kiroshi might be tied to the Peralez and Sandra Dorset quests

First of all, sorry for my English. It's not my native language.
As you know, both in Peralez, Gary and Prologue quest we either observe or chase mysterious black SUVs Emperor 620 "Ragnar". While regular cars belong to either NCPD, Militech or common people and are colored respectively, the 'mysterious' ones we need are black and usually have an antenna (set up or folded) on their roof.

I stumbled upon one of these vehicles near the Kiroshi HQ (image1) and decided to search the area hoping to find something interesting regarding the ones of the best side-quests in the game.

Emperor 620 "Ragnar" near one of the Kiroshi buildings

After climbing on top of the building I discovered a swarm of different kinds of antennas. This might not be exclusive only for Kiroshi building as I usually didn't pay much attention to the antennas on other buildings. Though, left from here, I found a group of dead netrunners, probably killed by a merc that lies dead near the ventilation hatch, that were given a task to hack Kiroshi in order to retrieve some data on project HJA-5789 which was described as "supersecret ultramodern shit" in netrunners' computer found in hideout nearby.

Dead merc

Dead netrunners

After that I went to explore the vast Kiroshi techpark. And I found more black SUVs. Also, marked organized crime quest turned out to be a another group of dead netrunners which tried to hack Kiroshi and a couple of robots and guards, patroling the place.

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Near the next building I found 3 corpos lying dead on the ground. Either they were shot by the Kiroshi guards or by a cyberpsycho which could be found dead near the cops. One of the cops was talking about neural implant malfunction (due to a virus) of a dead person which might imply that it was a cyberpsycho.

Probably a cyberpsycho

Dead corpos

And here we come to the most interesting part. Among the numerous Black SUVs I probably found THE ONE Black SUV we chase in the Peralez quest. Why? Because it's the SUV with built-in computer and monitors. Just like the one from which we get info on the mind control project.

Here it is

There's also an avi nearby, which hovers low above the ground and flies away as soon as player approaches.

Ad on the Kiroshi building. Ironic)


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