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Love and thanks to the devs and Mr. Pondsmith, scorn for whoever is responsible for this tragedy

As a preface, let me say that I've finished the game twice by now. First time I did basically everything that was offered, second time I just played through the main story and side missions, ignoring majority of the gigs, just to see how different choices matter.

I was one of the lucky few who experienced very few bugs and issues playing through this game. I have a mid-tier PC which ran the game fairly well, so I couldn't complain much in that regard. Bugs and glitches really didn't feel like anything I hadn't already seen in most major open world games before, and I have no doubt CDPR will patch these.

However, and let's be real, bugs and glitches aren't the main issue of this game, regardless of how CDPR's management wants to spin this. Sure, they are horrible and bricking consoles is, I imagine, no fun. It is inexcusable to have a game released in such a horrible condition for millions of fans who had paid the full price for it, pouring their trust into a company that was known for delivering their promises.
It is inexcusable.

But let's for a moment ignore the technical issues. Let's accept and go with the awful fact that PS4 and Xbox One will never run this the way it was promised, but it will at least run.

That does not excuse all the blatantly cut content and missing stuff here.

I won't go into details much, but we all know what was promised, and we all know what were reasonable expectations for a game of this scope.
AI just doesn't work. There is no working police system. Neutral NPCs' AI is a joke. Gangs are just reskinned dumb enemy mobs and there is no reputation system or anything to make them matter at all. Driving is wonky and feels awful because all of a sudden streets are emptied when you enter your car. Lifepaths don't matter none. The open world is empty – there aren't any of those little things that we've grown accustomed to in open world games. No random encounters. No customization of any kind, be it for vehicles, apartment or even our character's looks. For a game world in which implants and body customization is a big thing, you don't get to play around much with that. There are more locked doors in night city than those with meaningful content behind them. And perhaps worst of all, there is no "role-playing" in this so-called RPG (which, yes, I'm aware they tried to sneakily change in their description sometime before the release).
I've never played Cyberpunk PnP, but from what I've seen skimming through the books, 2077 is not based on this system. They may share the setting, but CP2077 is not a PC adaptation of this in any way. Even the hallmark of cRPGs, the (in)famous "choices and consequences" don't feature much in this game. The "your choices will ripple through the gameworld" bit is laughable.
Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay is nowhere close to a proper RPG, and thanks to the horrible AI, gameplay is simply…well, hollow.

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That's the word to describe this game and its world.


There's this thing though…
I bought the double jump implant late into the story, and found myself jumping around and over obstacles, ignoring proper side quests and things, just going to the roofs of buildings and reaching places my character would never be able to reach without these things, experiencing this world from up close. You know what I found there? Details. Lots of them. And developers' passion.
It struck me going through these essentially irrelevant areas how much vision went into this game. How much effort was there to create this world to the tiniest detail. How fantastic the architecture is, and how vibrant and all-encompassing aesthetics are. How great the music is, and how immersive the ambiance.
The game looks and sounds more than alive and unique.
It's obvious lots of hard work and passion was poured into making this masterpiece that wasn't to be.

I'm not sure who exactly was responsible for the horrible state the game was released, and for all those broken promises. In things like these, it's rare that you can point a finger at just one person (or even a few of them) and say it's their fault and their only. We all tend to assume that executives at CDPR are to blame, that they fell under pressure from their investors, or that simple greed got the better of them, or that there were some other issues at hand…we probably will never know the exact cause. Things like these tend to stay hidden behind corporate walls and NDAs.

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But we for sure know developers put their hearts into this game.
They worked through crunch time for very long, during the worst of it, during a horrible pandemic of all things, and they tried to deliver. In some respects, they did. But they weren't the ones who greenlit this. It's not their responsibility, and this game is not developers' failure.

I just wanted to say, if there's a one person out there who was working on this tragedy in any way, that I feel for you. And I thank you. I personally know how it feels to do something you dislike because you are under pressure from higher-ups, but you still give it your best. I'm sorry some of you received death threats and went under horrible fire from all sides, unfairly and unjustly.
Thank you for your effort, and I hope your work will be better appreciated one day.
I also wanted to thank Mike Pondsmith, the original creative visionary behind this. It's just tragic that his life's work will now mainly be remembered as the setting for that "biggest disaster in gaming industry" from the awful year of 2020.

I sincerely hope this game gets restored – not just fixed – restored to the vision that was promised to us, that so many people tried their best to make. I sincerely do.
But I doubt that will happen…

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Regardless, thank you all for reading.


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