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I know there was already a post with actual names, but it didn’t list what the icons looked like, so I decided to take it upon myself to find them. Pretty sure I’ve also missed a few, so just put it below I guess.

Cyberpunk 2077 Minimap Icons

  • The drink icon with a straw in it, seems like it most likely shows the location of a bar (quite a few clips, most notably the scene when Jackie and V walk into the Afterlife)
  • Box with an arrow going down, not too sure, could be a storage system (shown at the fist fight scene)
  • Blue marker looking thing, fast travel points also known as tourist information booths (can be seen when V is driving to Lizzies after getting in the car)
  • Yellow dot with exclamation mark, current objective/destination (pretty much all gameplay shows this)
  • Green dots, most likely signify guards of some sort, could also mean NPCs you can talk to (shown at afterlife and inside lizzies bar)
  • Grey dots, corpo life path, not too sure, only info is that it signifies the guys that tried to beef with the basketball (after landing shows on minimap of corpo life path)
  • Enemy loot, coloured crosses most likely mean the loot level on them, won’t list them because there are different shades of colours and don’t know what they mean (scene where V gets in car after leaving a fight)
  • Enemies with cones of vision, when flashing red, might mean searching, when not coloured or flashing, might mean they are wary and could fight you if you do something wrong. Enemies will also not show up on min-map until the enemy has seen V or V has seen them (also at the start of driving scene)
  • Something that looks like a spanner, not too sure about this one, I don’t think it’s a mechanic cos that’s being confirmed to not be in the game, could be a gunsmith or crafting area?(towards the middle section of the driving scene when V leaves a fight)
  • Also at the exact same place, there is a plier looking object, this could be a ripperdoc, but there is a chance it could be something else entirely
  • A few seconds after that, there is a hollow yellow symbol with a ! mark in it, could be a side quest or an activity of interest. Could also be a street cred mission. And might be a main mission that’s not tracked.
  • A second after, there is a red ping with a blue circle going out of it, could be a cyberpyscho, could also mean a high value bounty, not too sure. Another one pops up later as well.
  • In the same frame as the next one pops up, there is an icon that looks funky, it looks like a cross between a spider and an engine bay. Could be a brain dance club.
  • Just after that, a lone yellow question mark appears, could be a side quest, could be an activity interest, not too sure.
  • A green sword looking icon shows up next, I have no clue what it is, if someone can comment their guess I’ll add it. Has a circle radiating in towards it. Another pops up as well
  • There is a random blue blip when V goes to save the monk, could be insignificant, not sure.
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All the references are from this video


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