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Hope everyone in our little Cyberpunk community is having a good day. I wanted to write what I hope is a fair and balanced review of the game, but first a little background.

First, I played on Xbox one. Second, I paid virtually no attention to Cyberpunk when it first came out. I remember hearing some negative things, but I didn’t read a single article about the problems it was facing. About 2 months ago I scooped up the game for $25 at Best Buy so my value for money proposition is based on a $25 game versus a $90 game.

I play first person shooters, and open world games. TW3 might be the best game I’ve ever played

My story arc was Corpo, >! I romanced Panam, and I chose to go into the Arasaka building with Johnny and Rogue. I left Johnny with Alt !<

Again please keep in mind I'm just sharing my thoughts. I've got no agenda one way or the other

Story 8/10

After a bit of a slow start, and some head scratching moments, I do find that I very much enjoyed the story arc. The main story was too short and when I really think about it I can basically sum it up in 1 sentence. There’s not a lot of nuance and the various ending branches don’t feel particularly different.

It really was the side missions with V’s friends that made the overall story enjoyable to play through. I loved being the Corpo who teamed up with the Aldecaldos to steal some tech and start shit.

Teaming up with River in my own buddy cop missions was fantastic, and the catharsis of having jambalaya with his family and playing video games with his kids really made me appreciate doing missions with him.

I was fascinated by the Peralez side story, the conspiracy theory aspect, though I was somewhat disappointed that it didn’t seem to have a real conclusion. I was just told to back off and it seemed the story line ended.

Lastly, even Johnny’s story line I found rewarding. While I thought he was insufferable at the start of the game, I grew to like him. I thought his opening up, admitting weakness and mistakes as the story progressed brought great flavor to my play through. I found satisfaction in V’s ability to trust him by the end. It was a fulfilling arc.

I even enjoyed the random post story texts I got from these characters letting V know they were still thinking of him. Call me easily amused but It’s always a pet peeve of mine when a game finishes a side story and all those characters basically ignore you for the rest of the game. It takes away from the feeling of fulfillment of finishing their side quests

Visual & Audio 5/10

While I recognize that I’m playing on a previous gen console the fact of the matter is if the game can’t be played on an X box 1 DON’T SELL IT FOR XBOX 1.

Again, I paid $30 for this so I’m more forgiving than first adopters. However, while there are some stunning visuals, there are some awful graphical problems that constantly show up reminding you that the game was not designed for an Xbox 1. Countless times NPCs faces would render right before my eyes, showing up as a grayscale face, then forming into an individuals face as I stood there wondering how anybody in the QC department looked at this and said: “Yea… this is fine”

The other incredibly frustrating anomaly that I can’t believe is still is issue on a 10 month old game, is the character audio synced to the video. Repeatedly, there would be an awkward pause in the audio, the NPC would speak 5 seconds late which would cause an overlap with V speaking while the NPC was still speaking. It got bad enough that I had to turn on subtitles just to understand what was going on because the characters kept talking over each other. It’s an embarrassingly bad glitch that I’ve never seen before in a game.

Floating debris was found in nearly every battle, my motorcycles had numerous pixilation issues, and I fell through the world about 15 times during 110 hours of playing

Like I said this shouldn’t take away from the fact that some of the visuals are stunning. Looking at night city from the bad lands, even on the xbox 1 is beautiful and entrancing. Staring out the window as V is riding shotgun watching the city fade away and the country come into view is beautiful. Seeing the dichotomy of the slummy Pacifica versus the neat and tidy Heywood brings the score up.

I just can’t get over the video and audio glitches that made their way into the game

Gameplay 7/10

Again, the hits and misses. The hits are so good, while the misses are deeply frustrating.

I’ll start the hits with a story. I went into a zone attempting to go via stealth. I was found out and shot at. I ran out of the zone, found some dumpsters to climb up a building, and used my sniper to look between little slats on the buildings siding sniping with Panams recently gifted sniper.

As I took out one NPC with a perfectly placed shot between the slats I said out loud: “I fucking love you Panam” while cocking the rifle for another shot. It was a deeply satisfying moment that combined my love of Panams side story with an excellent gameplay moment.

I had another moment where I unleashed Contagion mod from hiding, stepped out of my hiding spot and watched each enemy infect each other and slowly die off. It felt fantastic from a gameplay prospective

My stealth “battles” were rewarding and fun. I liked having to pick and choose how I used my Cyberdeck sparingly, while working through stealth kills and disposals. I mean it’s not Arkham Asylum or city but it was enjoyable and gratifying and that’s the purpose of the game

The problem is the misses stood out as well. My Adam Smaher fight was the silliest boss battle I’ve ever experienced. He got stuck behind a pillar and couldn’t move, so I spent the whole fight, which lasted all of 3 minutes poking my head out from another pillar and shooting him in the head with a sniper rifle. It’s probably as well anyways seeing as if you play the game as a hacker, boss battles feel incredibly silly as my V is too weak to actually fight, and the mod’s don’t do enough damage, so I spent most boss fights running backward, jumping and shooting up with MaxDocs until the boss was dead. They were unrewarding, often frustrating battles that I couldn’t wait to just get over with.

Overall 66% (6.6 average out of 10)

The blueprint is there for a great game and you do get to experience it from time to time. But buggy gameplay, graphics problems and a short main story stop this from being the game everybody dreamed it would be.


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