Cyberpunk 2077

My list of everything removed from the E3 “demo”

Everything I could find that has been changed/removed.

Character creation is now greatly simplified.

Can no longer customize backstory.

Less stats to put points into.

No third person cut-scenes.

Video during calls gave you an idea on what that person was doing. Now they just stand there in a dark room.

Environmental take-downs removed.

“Reflex Booster” now an implant instead of chem.

Truly destructible environment removed.

You now start with basic eye implant, “demo” says you don't have one at first.

Can not bring people back to your apartment.

Silverhand is mentioned as “been a year since he went on his last ride”, meaning that he hasn't been gone that long and him having implants makes sense. I highly doubt we will have cybernetics that advanced in two years.

Apartment no longer has window interface to check messages and control interior environment.

Stats for clothes have been completely redone to be just a basic armor stat instead of having resistances to various damage and street cred.

Street cred was supposed to be used to unlock new vendors. Now all are unlocked, only some items are locked by street cred which doesn't make much sense. Vendors would only care if you have the money.

As far a I have seen, nobody actually uses those motorized scooters you see all over the place.

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NPCs actually used elevators by themselves and interacted with the world instead of just walk down the street.

Personalized ads removed.

Elevators could go to multiple floors, not just “your's” and “lobby”.

NPC count is WAY down.

Usable trains removed.

So much wrong with the whole road system and NPC vehicle AI.

Info from shards looked so much better.

Crime scenes, need I say more?

Buying from Ripperdoc's looked like you sat in the chair, picked from an actual computer screen instead of a menu screen, and you could see them working on it. So much wasted potential.

The idea of “illegal” cyberware is no longer available.

Vehicle customization removed.

“Other types of vehicles” as in not cars or bikes, removed.

“Your actions directly influence your open-world experience” removed. It doesn't matter what you do, nothing in the city or your interactions changes.

Can no longer take Jackie with you on missions.

Dialog looks like you had lots of options, now it is very linear.

The Inspection System, man I wanted to play around with that.

Controlling the Flathead for more than that one part.

“Street modded” weapons.

Highlighting enemies that will be hit with your weapon via ricochet or wall penetration removed. Now requires Ping.

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Weapon modules removed.

Connecting to enemy neural system removed.

Connecting to networks to get information or to control something removed.

Wallrunning removed.

Climbing via Mantis Blades removed.

Weapon classes like “Corpo” removed.

Cannot lift cars to use as shields.

Cannot use objects in environment to become cover. (e.g. shoot car lift to drop car.)

That is just what I was able to find from a basic glance. Let me know if you saw anything I missed.


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