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My prediction to 1.3

I tested 1.21 yesterday and the cops really chase you for ages now, if you manage to keep them visible, when in past if you run far enough from start location, they soon just let you go.

My guess is that the "aggression area" used to be tied into a location when you did the crime, there would be some sort of area system going on where police know to spawn, giving your coordinates and putting the police on attack mode.

Especially with the fix to police spawn locations (if you're standing on the roof) they now have been reworked to really focus on spawning in the roads…

With system now being more fluid and the "aggression area" is based on your last known location based on what police can see, I'd say there's a likelihood that next big update 1.3, perhaps the end of the month, we're going to see this working as intended since the biggest obstacle seems to have been their ability to chase extended periods along with spawning.

There are modders who've been able enable this police chase system in past few weeks, so I'd imagine the system has taken a large steps for this feature to become reality.

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I hope they'll make some adjustments on how car's would protect the player from bullets as it seems currently there's literally 0 protection provided by them going through windows and metal surrounding the car.

There's still missing animation of motorcycle driving at least based on what I've seen in mods, but turning animation seems to be working fine now. Of course it's been a long time since launch and there are people working on animations separately from the bug fixes, so this could have been under development for a while. It's certainly possible to have motorcycles in game with modding so it could be a coming feature in very near future.

Also my guess is the traffic is going to be more fluid as well since there's some indication with Arasaka trucks being able to skip lane when stuck, NPC behavior and them disappearing when running away is going to be solved before 1.4, which I'd assume is going to be arriving before June.

I assume the disappearing assets and traffic AI might be slightly linked in order to present players plenty of stuff in the road, when cars are outside of players view, and if there's a traffic congestion the algorithm just removes cars it deems stuck.

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Also some very obvious fixes are still not yet done, like in some locations the cars are still driving through the rails. In my opinion this is only a quick fix needed as there's probably something going on with the "allowed driving area" being way too off, so I'd imagine this could come in quickfix 1.22 or as late as 1.3.

Other quick fix that is pretty obvious as well is when you kill a bunch of people in front of your apartment, the police system disappears once you enter it. I think this one has been on their list of things to fix but hasn't been in top priory, but I believe this could be something that enters their scope of smaller things to fix, could be they still have some issues to fix before this.

TLDR version:

1.3 is going to bring

police car chases

fixing the few locations where traffic drives through wall

(motorcycles on the road, might get delayed to 1.4)

(upgrade to traffic AI, might get delayed to 1.4)

(update to disappearing assets when looking away, might get delayed to 1.4)

(fix on police leaving you alone in your apartment after committing crimes, might get delayed to 1.4 or even 1.5)

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